Sibu roads KANASAI!

I came across this thread last week, without much hesitation, I replied and got in touch with Johnny (a.k.a Levin7AGTE in DCM forum) soon after.  Apparently Johnny has arrived Sibu and was looking for any DCM members, well, he’s lucky he found me LOL!

Anyways, me and Johnny met up at the parking lot of the new Xing Kwong mall (he stays there nearby), and we proceeded to a nearby coffee shop called “茶香” for a drink or two.  When I first met Johnny, apart from drooling over his sexy turbocharged 4AGTE (yes you heard me right, t-t-t-turbo!), which looks like this:

I was also surprised at how young he is, I mean, I first suspected him to be in the late 20s or maybe 30 years old or or older, but no, he’s only 25!  And that makes him younger than me, I don’t really understand why, but I am really surprised.

Once we were seated and ordered our drinks, we jumped right into several topics which are all (obviously) related to cars, drifting, and of course, his turbocharged AE86.  Johnny is a tiny guy, wear specs and he’s very friendly too, reminded me a lot of Yoong (a.k.a MrNismo in DCM) and also the famous Sibu doctor drifter – Mr.Louis (who happened to be the guy that fulfill my drifting dream)!   Apparently they’re all successful and talented adults that looks extremely down to earth, and…and… and they all wear specs.

While me and Johnny were chatting around, there was one thing that he highlighted that I found is so very true, he commented Sibu road condition as the followings:

  • Awful
  • Terrible
  • Scary
  • Undrivable

Well I actually made some of those up, but he was really shocked at how terrible the road conditions are in Sibu, when his AE86 first arrived Sibu (transported here by a Trailer), he took it out for a drive at Sibu town, what supposed to be a leisure sight seeing driveby in Sibu, had turned out to be quite a nightmare for him.  Due to his negative -3.0 front camber, a super stiff sport suspension setup and the 2-way LSD, the car was literally hopping all over the road even though he was merely driving at 50~60km/h only!

After the horrific driving experience, he was so convinced that his AE86 may not be able to set foot (or tire to be exact) on Sibu roads again, the bad news is, he’s planning to send his car back to his hometown (actually he has another here for daily driving, so transportation ain’t a problem for him), just when I thought I have another drifting companion in Sibu, the turbocharged beast is leaving very soon!  Boo!

Well who’s to blame?  Sibu road la, what else?  Only one word can describe it, truly… KANASAI!!

5 Responses to “Sibu roads KANASAI!”

  1. What famous doctor drifter? The one who crashed his car along (what road is that)?

  2. tofu: Famous on the TE72 drifting, not the crashing, screw the gangsters. ^^

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