Miri Gymkhana Challenge Nov’16

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We got news Miri Lutong Drag guys were going to organize its first ever Gymkhana event in Miri with collaboration with SAS Kuching, after some talks with my gangs in Sibu and Bintulu, we’ve decided that we should drive over there and give our fullest support, my other agenda was to hopefully meet more of the Miri car enthusiasts, it was very exciting to say the least.

There were a total of 7 cars from Sibu and Bintulu, me and Yap (only 2 from Sibu) departed 1 day earlier prior to the event and stay overnight at Bintulu.


Only 2 cars joining from Sibu, me included

The night before the actual event, 2 of us from Sibu hang out with the rest of the Bintulu drivers at Paragon for a little night time photoshoot, we were all in a very excited mood and were all happy to be able to hang out and just chill, we then went on for a little drink or two before we call it a night as we will be waking up before 4am the very next morning for a very very early convoy departure to Miri.


Total lineup of 7 cars competing from Sibu and Bintulu


another shot with the drivers

4AM D-Day, time for the 2.5 hour long drive from Bintulu to Miri…


Woke up before 4am the next morning!


Meet up at Bintulu Mcdonalds before departure


Gas refill, group photo!


Short break at Batu Nia, halfway to Miri

By 8AM++, all of us arrived safe and sound, road condition wasn’t that good with uneven surfaces which caused a very bumpy ride, sometimes you really have to be extra careful not to fly over the bumps or you’ll have to say bye bye to your suspension, good thing was that there was barely any potholes.

Once we arrived Miri, first thing we did was to have breakfast, then head straight to the nearest Petronas station to have all our gas refilled, its time for our very first Gymkhana at Miri!


Gas refill at Miri before competition

The most popular motorsport-themed Sarawak Youtuber, Hee Wee Seng, is originally from Miri, so it’s no surprise he was there as well, he was very happy to see us all also, can’t miss the chance to have a great wefie together once more! I’d share his coverage QCCS video below…


Hi again! Hee Wee Seng!

Anyways, let’s cut straight to the competition itself, surprisingly, the total number of participants for this event didn’t even reached 20 cars, to be honest I was pretty disappointed by the low turnout, among these participants, there were also those from Brunei, which also means the ones participating from Miri are considered very, very few.

SAS president himself, Obiwan and Secretaryt, Airphah were there to assist Lutong Drag in the overall organizing of the event and provide advises, most importantly, setting up the track layout for the Gymkhana course.

The venue was at Riam E-Mart, parking size wasn’t too big, but sufficient to have some basic Gymkhana fun, plus this was the very first Gymkhana for Miri so too big, too fast may not necessary be a good thing also.

Alright, the runs! Yes! While I had no problem memorizing the layout, my friends were having some difficulties such as wrong course, severe understeer and so forth, but in the end all of us managed to get at least 1 good run in.  Me, however, felt great and my Charmant ran great as well, the surface wasn’t too grippy as there’s tiny gravels so I was struggling for grip, but I did my best and was very happy with my time as it got faster and faster, I’ll let the videos do the talking (video taken by Elena):

Long story short, I was lucky to have great runs throughout the day and managed to snatch the first prize!


Woot! MGC2016 Champion, what a day!

Not only did I won the first place, but overall our team from Sibu and Bintulu did very well, 2 of my friends from Bintulu also snatched 3rd and 4th place! Hong with his R33 Skyline and Jeff with his Fairlady Z33.  Here’s a clip of Hong’s run in his RB26DETT R33:

And here’s a couple more videos of the other participants and some drift demos after the competition ended:

Here’s a demo run by Obiwan himself in Michael’s R34 skyline, check out those drifts!!!

Some sideways fun after the competition ended:

And here’s the coverage by Hee Wee Seng himself, check it out:

After so many years, I also managed to meet the best drifter in Miri, Bobby, in person! Here’s a selfie, its good to have a short chat with the guy, friendly overall, now drives some serious M powered beemers and also had some sideways fun in the track, but sadly I don’t have any videos of it though.  Bobby used to drive a Silvia S15 and was super active many years back, he was also a competitor in some drift events in KK.  Hopefully we can get to have some drifting sessions together in the near future.


Selfie with Miri DK, Bobby!

Lastly, do check out Ms. Elena’s coverage of the event from her point of view:


My Charmant’s latest transformation and acquiring Sponsorship Oct’16

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… well more of a cosmetic transformation, nothing was done to the performance though…

It was October 2016 and me and my Drifting buddies from Sibu and Bintulu were planning for a convoy trip to Miri to participate in the first ever Gymkhana event there, named Miri Gymkhana Challenge, while there were few weeks of ample time for us to prepare, I’ve finally decided its time to add some flava to my rusty old Charmant’s outlook, and so I got on the web to look for inspirations… lo & behold, I caught an eye on this…


Bride AE86 Corolla

To be honest, there’s really nothing much you can do to a boxy old schooler with 4 doors, I honestly do not want to have my car spent in the body shop for more than 2-3 months just to have it rebuilt with proper rust treatments and re-weld for strengthening, plus there’s not much experienced body restorers on old school cars here in Sibu, not that I know of, and lastly, I simply don’t have the budget as well.

Anyways, back to topic, the moment I glanced upon this Bride AE86 livery, I immediately knew that this livery style would suit my Charmant, I had a brief talk with a good friend of mine, Naem, whom was an active member in SRCC (Sibu Retro Car Club), he’s a very talented young fella who likes to paint cars and bikes with his very own unique design flavour, he agreed to work on my car on a limited time frame with the discussed livery design, and so the work began…


Transformation started


80% completed


100% completed

Tadaaaa~! As you can see above, it took only less than 3 weeks to have everything done, and you may have also noticed I got some stickers on this time, they’re not just slapped there for no reason though, good news was that with a few good help from some close friends, I managed to get in talks with some sponsors and landed some pretty good deals, needless to say I get to have free lubricants and free tyre supplies for a limited volume in a certain period of time, heck yeahhhh! My main sponsors are: Tyresave and Hyperlube.

Just as I was getting uber excited to have my Charmant with the new look, my 4AGE started to act weird, well this was the culprit…


There goes my gasket…


Me worrying about my dear Charmant

I had my Charmant placed in my usual workshop (Sin Heak Hin, Sg. Antu) for couple of days before we depart to Miri for the Gymkhana challenge, had my gasket replaced and did a top overhaul, nothing major and the 4AGE roars the same as before, next is to visit my sponsors and time to claim my free tyres, hehe~


Tyres re-stock from Sponsors (Tyresave & Hyperlube)

Big thanks to Tyresave and Hyperlube for sponsoring me the needed tyres and lubricants for me to perform and compete without much worries in the upcoming Miri Gymkhana Challenge, now that I’m all set, it’s time to look forward to the event and have some awesome fun at Miri!


Sibu Giant Mall Drift 17~18 Sept 2016

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The events just kept coming! First there was MAC Kuching, then BAC Bintulu, and now the SRRC Charity event in Sibu!

For the first time ever, we’re allowed to perform drifting in the indoor car park of Giant Hypermarket Mall, we were super nervous and did a lot of pre-event practise just to make sure we don’t crash our cars or the crowd during actual event day, in the end it all pays off as all the registered demo drivers did wonderfully and managed to help raised quite a sum for the Autistic Community.


B.A.C. 2~4 Sept 2015

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BAC stands for Bintulu Auto Carnival, which was organized by Bintulu Auto Club.  This was their very first BAC event and it was held at the Bintulu Civic Center.

It was less than a month after MAC and now we’ve all geared up for another convoy from Sibu to Bintulu, talk about dedication man…. anyways, the event was decent with good cars all around and a very short drift demo co-managed by me and the organizers, everything went smooth, and of course, we, the drifters, went to the Bintulu Old Airport on the last day and had some fun over there, as usual, I’ll let the pictures and videos talk:


I led the convoy from Sibu to Bintulu


What’s this? Petition for Race Track?


Sign me in!


S15 yummyyyyy~~~


Having good fun!


The BAC sports cars line up


Lunch gathering with the committee and friends


BAC yeeehaaaa~!


Tyres ready for action


Me trying out a Nissan 370z


Foolin around


Can you feel my exhaustion yet?


Ending the trip with an awesome dinner with Bintulu gang

Kuching Stadium Re-visited Aug 2016

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Soon after MAC, I actually brought my Charmant back to the Kuching Stadium car park converted race track twice in 2 weeks time, needless to say, this time I’ve come well prepared with plenty of backup tyres for me to slay.

With my hydraulic E-brake setup, I’ve finally had the guts to go full out with my Charmant and hit it sideways before the corner entry, I was very surprised at how well I did, and the feeling just got better and better, you can check out my driving in the following youtube videos:

Another interesting story to share was that I had a small collaboration with the Miri Youtuber Hii Wei Seng on a short video:

Definitely a first for me, his videos are also very entertaining which basically covers the Motorsport scene in the Sarawak region, so do subscribe and check’em out yourselves.


M.A.C Kuching 12~14 Aug 2016

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Last year I was the only driver from Sibu to compete in MAC Kone Attack round along with 4 350z friends from Bintulu, this year however, the number of participants from Sibu have grown exponentially, altogether Sibu and Bintulu we now have 12 cars joining the convoy to Kuching on 11 Aug’16, however, majority were in it for the  ‘Display’ category only, as for the Kone Attack contenders, only 5 of us have registered (3 from Sibu and 2 from Bintulu).

As always, S.A.S is the main party behind this annual auto event, and this year has got to be the toughest for them thus far, they’ve been facing a whole loads of crappy obstacles in getting this year’s MAC rolling, to sum it all up, they’ve changed venue more than 3 times, reschedule the date 2 times, all of us from Sibu and Bintulu are just glad that they managed to still get the event going no matter what, whoa…. what a relief….

But all that last minute changes do come at a cost, the scale of the event was greatly toned down due to budget and venue constraints, while some of our sport car owner friends were a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing since they were really looking forward basing their impression from last year’s success at iCom Square, those of us who’re more interested in the actual Kone Attack event were not affected much, Kone Attack was still going on at full blast, the great sense of nervousness and excitement was still very much flooding all our senses, it was simply awesome!


Tyres, I’ve prepared PLENTY!


11 Aug’16: Moment before the convoy


11 Aug’16: Moment before the convoy


11 Aug’16: Moment before the convoy


11 Aug’16: I was leading the convoy pack while being hunted by this GTR


11 Aug’16: Went straight to Sin Heak Hin after arriving Kuching, meeting Obiwan


11 Aug’16: Had our dinner at Kuching Festival


12 Aug’16: Kone Attack final round group photo!


13 Aug’16: After a long day of Kone Attacking…


13 Aug’16: Again can’t miss another photo with Kuching DK S.Met!


13 Aug’16: Meet Cicak, the S14 drifter!


13 Aug’16: Trust me, it felt good.


13 Aug’16: Having a total BLAST!


14 Aug’16: Drift demo time with good buddy, Desmond and his S15


14 Aug’16: Charmant vs S15


14 Aug’16: Finally a photo with Kuching FF expert, Astro Ming!


14 Aug’16: Special award for me!


14 Aug’16: Big win for us from Sibu/Bintulu!


14 Aug’16: 3rd fastest overall, I’m really happy!


15 Aug’16: PA Kitchen


15 Aug’16: PA Kitchen




BCF Autoshow on 23 July 2016

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BCF had its first ever autoshow held last year just right outside of the door steps of Wisma Sanyan, it was considered a success, and this year the organizers have approached us to see if we can squeeze in some drift demo shows in between, to which I answered immediately: No F*cking Problem!


While last year the weather was great, this year’s autoshow was plagued by constant heavy downpours, which greatly affected the overall crowd and atmosphere, but for us drifters, the drift demo was never an issue despite the pretty slippery road surface though, anyways, it’s the FIRST for Sibu finally, and rest assured there’ll be more to come in the coming months, so stay tuned…