My M.A.C. Kuching 2015 Experience – Day 3 (23 Aug 2015)

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After having prawn noodle breakfast with Desmond (S15 drifter), we returned to the iCom Square for a short bit of time before our departure to Sarawak Stadium for some serious drifting.


Gold Lambo!


Supercars on display!


The Champion for Best Modified, an Audi TT modded by S.Met Garage.


Me posing with Ah Met.


Group photo of friends

Then comes the drifting at Sarawak Stadium, while it wasn’t my first time being there, but it was my first time driving my own Charmant at that venue, needless to say it was a special moment and again, I was way too excited LOL!

2 things that struck me the most after some drifting there:

  1. It wasn’t as big as I’ve expected, it’s a mixture between 1st and 2nd gear with mostly 1st gear drift only due to limited spacing.
  2. The surface was ROUGH as fuck, almost gravel-like which doesn’t provide much traction but at the same time is a super tyre killer man… in less than 10 mins, I’ve demolished 4 tyres!

While I ran out of tyres to play again, both Ah Met and Desmond offered to let me try out their respective drift cars, I first tried Ah Met’s KE70 (also running stock 4AGE 16v) and the major difference between his car and mine is how much lighter his car is, it was nimble and FAST; then comes the FUN part, drifting a Silvia S15 for the very first time, check out the video first, note that this was my very first time driving it:

As expected, the S15 was a dream car to have for a drift enthusiast like me, it handles like a dream and I was having an absolute blast maneuvering it throughout the entire course sideways, damn how I wish I’m rich enough to get a Silvia straightaway!

And whalla, that’s it for my 3 days MAC Kuching 2015 experience, till next time yo!

My M.A.C. Kuching 2015 Experience – Day 2 (22 Aug 2015)

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Due to over-excitement, I woke up very early around 6am’ish, me and the Bintulu gangs had our breakfast at ‘Hi-Bread’ which is right beside my budget hostel around 9am, after that it was a very short drive to iCom Square around 9:30am for the M.A.C. 2015.

Breakfast at Hi-Bread

Breakfast at Hi-Bread

I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the venue is, and how much I’ve appreciated it being selected for car show, I really can’t think of a better venue for this occasion, check it out by yourself:

Very nice venue for car show, iCom Square

Very nice venue for car show, iCom Square

After 9:30am’ish, the participants and their cars started rolling in…

Fairladies from Kuching

Fairladies from Kuching

Red and sexy

Red and sexy



Kuching Autokhana Expert's S15

Kuching Autokhana Expert’s S15

Me and my friends from Bintulu were all Kone Attack participants, so we had our cars parked in a separate area and the briefing for the competition started roughly around 10am by none other than the SAS President aka ‘Obi-wan’, here you can see he is guiding us through the course layout on a board first before the course-walk:

'Obiwan' doing the Kone Attack briefing

‘Obiwan’ doing the Kone Attack briefing

After the briefing and the course-walk were done, we immediately commenced our practise session, which were categorized in 3 groups for easier management.  Check out my practise run videos below!

I'm really pumped for the Kone Attack practise!

I’m really pumped for the Kone Attack practise!

During my first few practise runs, I was trying to finish the course without any use of E-brake, my time was very disappointing due to the sharp turns and tight course, after watching the better drivers performed with plenty use of E-brakes, I’ve decided to do the same as well and it makes a world difference, I was also very surprised by my half-assed Hydraulic E-brake that actually works quite decent too!  Needless to say I was having a blast in each of my run!

Practise session ended right after lunch hour and the actual competition starts with each driver granted 3 runs, whereby 2 of the best runs shall be averaged to get the final score (time), I don’t think any of you’d be interested in my time cause neither do I, anyways, my position is roughly between 7th and 8th if I’m not mistaken, and just for your information, the Champion was won by a bone stock Proton Wira, which further proves that this type of Autokhana requires 80% driver skills rather than a good car, hehe.

Check out my 3rd and final run of the day, which was also my best run out of all 3:

The Kone Attack competition finished at sun down, where the drift demo finally begins and it’s been what I’ve been eagerly waiting for…

Finally a photo of me with Kuching DK Met Sim.

Finally a photo of me with Kuching DK Met Sim.

The drifters for the evening drift demo show.

The drifters for the evening drift demo show.

And here’re the videos of the action:

‘Safety car’ Silvia S15:

The rest:

As you can see, due to limited space, there wasn’t much we can do except for some 1st gear donuts and figure 8s, however it was still hella fun though, albeit it may look quite dangerous at times due to the lack of marshalling, luckily nothing bad happened, definitely something to improve on in the events to come.

My Charmant and Kuching's DK KE70 after a hard evening of drifting show.

My Charmant and Kuching’s DK KE70 after a hard evening of drifting show.

After a long and hard day of driving, Ah Met and his friends brought me to a night market foodcourt to enjoy some delicious suppers, while the day was well spent and I had plenty of fun, I was really looking forward to the next day whereby I’ll be FINALLY having the chance to drift in the most popular drift venue in Kuching, the car park area in Sarawak Stadium Kuching! To be continued…

My M.A.C. Kuching 2015 Experience – Day 1 (21 Aug 2015)

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MAC stands for Merdeka Auto Carnival, it’s an annual event jointly organized by the SAS (Sarawak Auto Enthusiast Society) and the Gov’t for all car lovers in Sarawak.  Last year while I joined the ‘Car Club Gathering’ event (and won 2nd runner up in one of their ‘Kone Attack’ rounds), I was encouraged by my Kuching friends to join the MAC, unfortunately due to time and budget constraints, I skipped and joined the 2015 event instead, and boy did I had fun…

The event took place at the new iCom Square in Kuching Pending area for 2 consecutive days (22 and 23 August), and I submitted my registration a month earlier with only RM40 (cheap as F*ck), my main focus were the gymkhana event named ‘Kone Attack’ and their Drift Demo.  Before my long journey starts, I made some new friends from Bintulu who also planned to drive all the way from their hometown to Kuching in their soup’ed up 350Zs, they arrived Sibu on 20 August and we had a simple meet up and gathering to know each other better.

Gathering of Sibu and Bintulu car enthusiasts at Town Square II

Gathering of Sibu and Bintulu car enthusiasts at Town Square II

Gathering of Sibu and Bintulu car enthusiasts at Town Square II

Gathering of Sibu and Bintulu car enthusiasts at Town Square II

Most badass GTR in Sibu, with Liberty Walk's bodykit installed.

Most badass GTR in Sibu, with Liberty Walk’s bodykit installed.

As you can see, my car was the junkiest among the line up, but who cares, I was having fun and I’m glad that all the guys were friendly, which is absolutely awesome.  Overall it was a nice meetup in Sibu and we all went back to sleep early in preparation for the long journey to Kuching early morning the very next day.

Bintulu 350z parked in front of Kingwood Hotel.

Bintulu 350z parked in front of Kingwood Hotel.

We started our journey to Kuching at roughly 8:30am in the morning after breakfast, the entire journey took us around 5.5~6 hours drive with occasional rest stops along the way, the journey was great, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well my 4AGE performed at the Borneo highways, I was basically driving at an average speed of 160~170km/h++ while doing my very best to keep up with those high powered sports cars from Bintulu, all of us safely arrived Kuching in one piece in about 1pm’ish.

Rest stop at Petronas station in Serian

Rest stop at Petronas station in Serian

After we checked in to our respective hotels, I immediately drove to Sin Heak Hin tyre shop to have my alignments checked and also collect my souvenirs and stickers from the organizer, after all was done, it was a brief rest at Hotel before me and my new Bintulu friends visited the Kuching Merdeka Food Fair 2015 to fill up our hungry stomachs and then proceeded to check out the Kuching midnight racing scene, while it was my very first time, it still seemed a bit boring to me as I’m still not interested in drag racing, haha!  All of us went back to our hotels after a very short while to take the long needed sleep for the big MAC event day tomorrow… [to be continue’d]

Me with my Charmant after getting the event stickers applied, I'm excited!

Me with my Charmant after getting the event stickers applied, I’m excited!

Silvia S15 Cabriolet, how RARE!! Spotted before our visit to the local night racing scene.

Silvia S15 Cabriolet, how RARE!! Spotted before our visit to the local night racing scene.

My Charmant’s new look 2015 (August)

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[Old post in mid August 2015] In preparation for the Kuching MAC (Merdeka Auto Carnival) 2015 event which is happening on the 22nd and 23rd of August, I had my Charmant’s 4AGE top overhauled and also replaced my spoiled radiator (using a Proton Wira stock radiator which works like a charm), I also installed some hood pins sponsored by Sia (86 owner) for free (Thanks a lot bro!), and finally paint job repairs for my black hood, a duck tail spoiler which I got for free for it’s rough quality, and had all my rims painted black, the end result? I think it looks pretty bad ass now, haha!

Free hood pins, yay!

Free hood pins, yay!

Badass drift spec Charmant in Sibu

Motorfix Charmant and KE70 (friend) in Sibu!

Badass drift spec Charmant in Sibu

Badass drift spec Charmant in Sibu


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Wow, it’s been years huh?  But who cares man, I doubt anyone out there still checks in on this blog anyways, LOL! But the fact that I wrote this post was because I was sick, I stayed home bored, just finished watching Rockets won 1-3 against Warriors a while ago (meh!), and while surfing FB and other internet stuffs I stumbled upon this dust filled blog of mine which unfortunately I’ve neglected for years.

Anyhow, I thought I might as well write a few about the major happenings since my lack of updates throughout this long period of time:

  1. I got busy, I mean, real busy, I got offered a position as a Manager in the Oil Palm sector and while the pay was good, I literally had to sacrifice 80% of my previously free-going time to just work, work and work.
  2. I’m now a father of 3 healthy boys, hah!
  3. I’m still into drift, and I’ve also joined my first ever legal event in Kuching which involves autocross (they called it Kone Attack) and some mini drift demos, driving my crappy Charmant all the way from Sibu to Kuching is no easy feat, but I’m glad I survived the return trip all in all.  Made some good friends with the SAS gang (Sarawak Auto Enthusiast Society, Kuching) and hopefully I’ll be joining some of their events soon.
  4. Joined a local Sibu club called SRCC (Sibu Retro Car Club) and made friends with many very very cool Malay old school car enthusiasts, these guys are super cool and I love their overall attitudes, joined a couple of events with them in Sarikei as well as Sibu Jaya, there’s definitely more to come in the near future.
  5. Finally got to experience hands-on driving in the legendary SIC (Sepang International Circuit) in both a LanEvo 5 and an Auto GT86 thanks to the offer by a good friend named Jeffery Lim, who happens to own a super cool turbocharged GT86 himself, currently staying in Kuching.
  6. Finally, yes, my Charmant is still running, the body is showing signs of exhaustion due to the lack of care and rough handling by the neglectful owner, there are cracks, and rust growing at more places than you can count, but hey, as long as it still runs, I’m gonna drive it like I’ve always intended to, drift the FUCK OUTTA it, cosmetics what!? it’s the driving and fun that counts, looking good is still not my priority at the moment unfortunately, so yeah… haha!

That’s all I can think of at this moment, anyways, hopefully I’ll find the time or interest to maybe post more updates here, but who knows, time will tell I guess, till next time, see ya!

Lain Kali Lah!

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Bad week.

Malaysia didn’t managed to ubah after all, however it did seem to unite all Malaysians more, I guess that’s a good thing, just check out the insane crowd that turned out at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night, it was mind blowing!

Anyways, politics aside… here’s another bad news, apparently the MEMC car time attack has been SACKED, there’s a pretty long story behind and may even be political related, but I’m too lazy to go into the details, simply put, some motherfuckers are making a fuss about the event and unfortunately they got their wish, IMO these mofos better step down and give others a chance to help the Sarawak motorsport scene grow, seriously, we barely have any legitimate motorsport events here, and I believe there’s HUGE potential for Sarawak, too bad there’s fuckers are mostly around fucking things up when they all should be working together to help the sport grow and bloom.

Enough ranting, I’m done for the post, till next time!

Miri Extreme Motorsports Challenge 2013

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MEMC 2013

MEMC 2013

I’m joining, RM200 entry fee.

Haven’t driven my Charmant for more than a month, gonna need to test drive/drift it very soon to see if it’s still in decent shape though, the event is just 2 weeks away.

Will need to start sourcing for spare tyres too, 4 at least.

The organizers did state that drifting is not recommended, because the track owner afraid that drifting might mess up the track surface or some sort, but hey, at least I’m getting my very first chance to push the limits in a real track (albeit a go kart type), not much complains there.

My only major concern is the trip itself, it’d be a 5-6 hours drive from Sibu to Miri, and the road condition is treacherous to say the least, with plenty of potholes at several sections, my Charmant will face it’s greatest challenge of all time, by getting to Miri in ONE PIECE and also, safely.

Wish me luck guys, will keep y’all posted.


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