Sibu just got boring again

When Johnny first brought his NOS’ed and Turbocharged AE86 to Sibu many months back, it was all good times, the car was simply amazing, and the power… damn!

But unfortunately, this little Toyota Monster has been sent back home last week, Miri.  The reason behind this is because Johnny has gotten so fed’up with Sibu’s f*cked up roads, he just couldn’t bear to have his Trueno ‘suffer’ anymore, unsurprisingly I absolutely UNDERSTAND how he feels.

Let’s have one last look on Johnny’s AE86, before it departed from Sibu, Johnny made sure his ride will leave Sibu with style, and that’s exactly how it’s been done, just check out the 15″ RS8 Watanabes he just fitted onto his Trueno:

Johnny's AE86 on Trailer to Miri

Johnny's AE86 on Trailer to Miri

Sexiest AE86 in Sibu.... till now!

Sexiest AE86 in Sibu.... till now!

AE86 on Watanabes… just screams PERFECT!  I’ve been bugging him to get his car fitted with those, glad that he finally did, although he had decided to send it straight back to Miri right after he had those Watanabes fitted, damn!  I haven’t even got the chance to touch them yet!

Too bad this sexy ride have to leave so early, AE86, I will surely miss you… T_T

3 Responses to “Sibu just got boring again”

  1. hey bro, sad to see the ae86 go back to where it belonged. cos im coming to sibu again in oct. hope we can chill out again. btw, got a new ride, and its older than the ae86 and also an FR. now i can probably learn how to drift, lol

  2. Yea I saw the ride that you just bought on your blog, it’s a rare car! 😀

  3. […] free on Sunday and he’d like to have some fun in drifting, despite the fact that his 4AGTE AE86 is now in Miri, I’ve decided to let him get some in my […]

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