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Bits and Pieces

Posted in Car stuff, DIY on May 5, 2012 by Stanley Carter

Over the last month or two, I’ve been fixing, adding as well as upgraded some minor items for my Charmant, such as:

Flamebeater – mini fire extinguisher

New brake fluid

New spark plugs – Denso BKUR6EK (stock plugs for Perodua Kembara)

New plug wires (Germany made) and new intake filter

DIY fix for my broken windshield wiper switch handle

Here’s a youtube video demonstrating how it works:

And finally… I’ve replaced my faulty rear disc caliper (albeit still a stock unit) and my E-brake now finally works, though it’s still not as tight as I hope to be, but at least I can now use it for parking as well as 180 turns, for drift initiations, well it’s still pretty much hopeless though…

DIY ebrake drift button mod

Charmant’s long needed ‘upgrade’!

Posted in Car stuff on December 31, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I’ll admit, aside from maintaining my Charmant in a running and healthy state/condition, I absolutely hadn’t done anything to make it run or perform better for like… more than a year? Except for a while ago when I replaced my p*ssy rims, other than that, none.

So as I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, I’ve got myself a tie rod stopper ‘extension’ thingy, or as the seller called it, the ‘steering angle kit’, tee hee!  I handed my Charmant over to my trusted mechanic to do some routine services on the 4AGE, the LSD and my steering, and most importantly, fitting the angle kit on my inner tie rod.  According to my best go-to guy Johnny, both the inner and outer tie rods need to be cut for like 1/2 to 1 inch so that alignment can be properly tuned later on, it worked fine on his AE86 Trueno, but it seemed like it doesn’t for my Charmant.

After the cutting of the tie rods were done and the angle kit fitted on, my toe setting were way off as expected, I took a half day leave from work the next day just to drive it to a service center to give it a proper alignment job, the place I went to is actually a Hyundai’s certified service workshop, however they also serve cars of other makes, so it’s cool.

Charmant setting up for alignment

Charmant setting up for alignment

Charmant setting up for alignment

Here’s a picture of my f*cked up settings before the tune:

Before alignment tune

The mechanic was very helpful and followed my instructions willingly, I told him the degrees I desired, and off he went with the adjustments.

First thing to adjust was my Camber, since everything was still very stock, not much can be done at the bottom side, so the adjustments were made on my Pillow Ball mount, I’ve set it to maximum -2 degrees on both wheels.  Next was the Caster which was set to +3 degrees.  When it came to the Toe, that was when we discovered something’s ain’t right…

It appeared that my right tie rod wasn’t cut short enough, with all the thread screwed to the max. my right wheel was still having toe in of 1.1 degrees, that ain’t good, since the service center couldn’t do much, I asked the fella to also set my left wheel to toe in at 1.1 degrees as well, then I proceed to pay the bills, despite with all that quality service, it costs RM25 only!  What a bargain!

After alignment tuned (Toe setting was still f*cked up!)

I drove my Charmant out for a test drive and immediately felt the problem with that much toe in from both wheels, I’ve decided to drive straight to my mechanic’s shop again and asked for his help, he was kind enough to help me do the dirty job again free of charge on the spot, and when he took off my right wheel, that was when I spotted this:

Inner side wall

You see that? No wonder I couldn’t feel the increase in steering angle at first, because my current wheel was actually hitting my inner sidewall, I was really excited as this just proves that the kit worked as expected.  But we had more important matters at hand at that moment, tie rod cutting!  The mechanic only cut out the outer tie rod for like 1/2 inch, and told me to go visit his recommended tire shop instead as his friend (the shop owner) has the proper tools to do more cutting in case it is required, sounds fine to me.  So after he fitted everything on, I swapped my current 14″ wheels with the same one as my rear, 13″ JRD (mangkuk style) with much better offset and immediately turn my steering to full lock, and then…. no more hitting the inner sidewall, SWEEEET!

It was getting pretty late so I drove my Charmant straight to the other tire shop for another re-alignment in a hurry.

Charmant preparing for another re-alignment in a different shop

Previous shop already tuned both the Camber and Caster just fine, and all that was left was the Toe, surprisingly, the right tie rods still couldn’t make it past under 1 degree, the shop owner then took out his electric saw and started cutting, ghetto style!

Tie rod cutting, like a BOSS!

I think he cut off at least another 1/2 inch off my inner tie rod, and fitted back in, started the re-alignment… and whalla! both wheels finally back to the targeted 0.3 degree toe in!  A short test drive and I was HAPPY as f*ck!  The steering feels great again and most importantly, I now also have MORE angles to play with, my Charmant’s U-turn radius decreased drastically, and to be honest I couldn’t wait to do some proper drift runs with the added angles!  … reliability issues aside, let’s hope nothing bad happens, fingers crossed! *gulp*

To end the post, here’s a couple more pics of my Charmant after the alignment:

Charmant after proper alignment

Negative camber b*tches! (I know I know... -2 is the best I could do... LOL!)

Till next year!  Oh and one more thing… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!! WOOOO HOOOOOH!!!!


Posted in Car stuff on December 30, 2011 by Stanley Carter

That was fast, in just 2 more days and we’ll all be entering year 2012, simply… WOW!

So, I’ve finally sent my Charmant to the workshop for a routine service (oil change, LSD and etc) as well as a minor upgrade on my steering angle *wink*

I bought this from a friend on Facebook:

Angle Kit

They go into the inner tie rod (within the bellow), some cutting is required on the stock inner and outer tie rods, and then it’s a simple install, this thing is cheap so I’m not sure of its reliability, but I’m a cheapskate so whatever!

First thing I did after I got the car was to do some ultra rough measurement using my ghetto ruler, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell if there’s any ACTUAL increase in the angle though, LOL! After all, this is NOT the best way to increase your steering angle, with that said,  I’ll probably take some better pictures AFTER I sent my car for a proper re-alignment, then I’ll probably need to do some test runs… ahem.. drifts to test out if there’s any difference.

So that’s all for my December update, pretty boring huh, hah! See ya’all in 2012, boo ya!

On my recent trip to KL….

Posted in Car stuff, Travelling on April 5, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I finally get to see a G-T-R up close and personal…. it looks GREAT in reality!

I didn’t snap any photos at the time, but I did catch one on the last day when I’m on my way to the Airport though:

Nissan GTR

Happy Belated Valentines!

Posted in Car stuff, Cool Stuffs, Personal on February 15, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I know I’m a day late, but that’s not really the point as I’ve already celebrated my Valentines last week.  Like I’ve mentioned before, me and my wife are not a fan of the ridiculously priced dinner sets, and so we went to Cafe Cafe (as usual, it’s my wife’s favorite restaurant) and had a great meal for less than RM50!

Now while everyone were brainstorming on what to do for their special Valentine, I was busy doing some pretty interesting stuffs during the weekend.  First off, I finally got myself a temporary Oil Catch bottle to counter the Engine oil spill issue, I bought some new fuel hoses, cable ties and a few clips, plus a free drinking bottle that I received from my company’s Christmas Party last year, it’s done:

DIY oil catch bottle (temporary solution)
DIY oil catch bottle (temporary solution)

You can see there’s no return hose going back into my intake, hence I’m only using cable tie, if there was to be more oil spilled after my hard driving sessions, I can simply cut them loose and pour the oil back into my 4AGE again.  At least I don’t have to worry about messing up my Engine bay again (it’s already a mess now anyways…).

After I got my DIY oil catch problem settled, I visited the Sibu Gateway on a hot Sunday afternoon to check out some local R/C drifting action…

Sibu R/C Drift Cars Lineup
Group photo of the organizers and drivers (small crowd)

And here’s a video that I shot during the practice session:

Also made a couple new friends of the R/C drifter group, I asked some of them if they ever thought about venturing into the real car drifting scene, unfortunately only one showed interest and he’s already in a look out for a clean KE70 for his first drift car build, for the rest though, they are there to play R/C drifting for a reason, real car drifting needs a heck lot more commitment and money in order to achieve the actual level of fun they are having right now.  Still, I am very envy of them, simply on the fact that they had a gang of their own, setup a club for the Sibu R/C drift scene, and even held 1-2 events monthly!  Now when can the real car drifting do the same in Sibu?

Sibu Pride: Turbocharged Levin AE86

Posted in Car stuff on January 31, 2011 by Stanley Carter

Like I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, Sia, a friend of mine and also Johnny, recently just finished his long overdue AE86 rebuild!  The entire rebuild took him more than 2 years to complete, although very time consuming, but he did most of the work all by himself (very similar to Johnny) and the end results are DROOL WORTHY!

Here are some cellphone pictures that I’ve took while I was at his house picking up my tires:

Turbocharged Red AE86 Levin with 2 Way LSD

Sunroof still in working condition!

A very clean and tidy Engine bay!

Packs with many goodies, like these multi coil ignition system!

Turbo overkill anyone!?

Front wheels are 14" Watanabes

Interior shot, all business!

The 300+hp madness is done and powered by MicroTech

This cockpit view is all GO!

This car has been driven on Sibu streets, but it is currently facing some oil leak issue so I didn’t really get the chance to be a passenger and experience how it felt to be in the legendary tofu car with a bigass turbo.

The owner also has a set of UltraRacing bars waiting to be fitted onto the ride, and when he finally got his oil leak issue fixed after CNY, I’d be sure to call him out for a more in depth look and experience in the car while it’s rolling, HOPEFULLY!!  Stay tuned! ^_^

The thing about Old School Cars…

Posted in Car stuff on January 23, 2011 by Stanley Carter

They constantly bug you with all sorts of problems, mechanical, electrical and etc which all lead to a lot of frustration, sometimes even depression!

Nowadays, my car drives like it’s falling apart in pieces, the roads in my town are getting much worse since they first started ‘upgrading’, which usually takes more than 6 months to complete, or even longer if there’s an election coming soon, all the projects would be put on hold, and depending on which side wins, that would probably be the main factor in the completion of these projects, politics, bah!

So, my car is out from the garage, it’s in my house, I’ve been driving it 1-2 times per week, driving it to jog, to my usual basketball place, normal routine, not much drifting nowadays, of course if it’s raining while I’m driving, you bet I’d be dumping my clutch once or twice on certain corners, IF there’s no traffic around of course, hehe.

Good things don’t last long, and my car started misfire since last 2 weeks, my first suspicion comes from either the Spark Plugs or the Plug Wires.  But since neither me or my mechanic friend had any spares, we couldn’t do any simple diagnostic on the fly, so I left my car at the shop and let my mech checked on the fueling side of things, well… just to be sure… and guess what, there WAS a leak in one of my fuel pump hoses, got that fixed but then the problem soon haunted me back.

4AGE not feeling too well.

I was fearing for something worse, but LUCKY me, it was only the plug wires that caused me much worries, my mech finally found some replacement, so got that settled with and now my engine is running well again, I even did a couple donuts in front of the shop, yep, felt good!

After I had my Charmant’s little hiccup fixed, I visited another friend of mine, whom was managing a car wash business downtown, and do check out his ride…

Toyota Cressida 1G-GTE

The driver was driving only a Wira Aeroback a while ago, after he caught the Drifting bug thanks to me, he got himself a pretty mint condition Cressida, found a 1G halfcut and off the car went to a nearby workshop and started the engine swapping process.  My friend also painted the whole car himself in Matt Black, which IMO looks a whole lot cooler compared to my Charmant though, LOL!  Heck he’s running on much better wheels!

The only thing lacking right now from this Cressida is some proper bucket seats and a LSD, I’ve been suggesting my friend to simply weld the axle since there are plentiful cheap Cressida axle’s to be found in Sibu, yet he’s still hesitant about it, I don’t blame him though, not everyone is as drift crazy as me in Sibu, I assure you that!

Lastly, one of the rear tires is leaking air, although slowly, but I’m planning on visit my old playground and so some tire ripping to just get rid of it, now where could I find any partners….hmmm…