Last week I visited Johnny’s house which is situtated nearby the Sibu General Hospital, and guess what he got for me, a pair of 1.5″ spacers and a 4AGE head cover plate.  Johnny stated that he has no need of these parts, so he decided to lend them to me for the time being, hey, that’s cool with me!

Here is a shot of the engine bay with the cover plate installed, doesn’t really do much though, but at least now my spark plugs aren’t as exposed as before anymore:

4AGE red cover plate

4AGE red cover plate

Anyhow, I was more excited about the spacers that Johnny gave me and was eager to have them installed right away.  But on the other hand, I was also worried if the spacers would actually have any side effects on the handling or other parts at all, I eventually posted a thread on DCM for more advise from the experts.  The conclusion, it should be alright if the parts were torque’d properly, alrighty then, let’s proceed!

Few days later, I bought 8 lug nuts at a local spare parts shop for RM16.  The nuts that I bought are shorter than the standard ones, as I wanted to make sure they don’t get in the way during my rim fitment.

Shorter Lug Nuts

Shorter Lug Nuts

And here is how the 1.5″ spacers looks like, it’s blue btw:



And on with the installation, done everything in my home garage, and here’s another shot with the Spacer on the rear rotor:

Spacer installed

Spacer installed

And on with the rims:

Rim with spacer

Rim with spacer

And to sum things up, here’s a comparison picture that I made (can barely spot any difference actually):

Before and After

Before and After

After I’ve got the spacers installed, I drove the car out for a spin or two, so far so good, but only normal test drive, I have yet to test drifted it yet, I do wonder if it actually made any difference, or maybe not?  Who knows, but hey, I’m getting the answers soon anyways, haha!


6 Responses to “Freebies!”

  1. Well done on the spacers!! Let me know how it does to your drifting!! You can try those on your front too! You know see which one works… 😉

  2. ooo, and the engine bay looks so diiirty….. good to see it again.

  3. tofu: Yeah, the engine looks dirty, but it’s a lovely engine! loved it to bits, I’d love to clean it up, Johnny actually taught me a little, but that seems like a lengthy process involving taking out the engine again, I might just have to stick with cleaning the upper parts only, never done this before, noob.

  4. Huh! Wanna clean engine also must take out?? Wipe the top only la!!

  5. Hey Stanley, am wondering whether can you help me. What’s the wheel pcd for Charmants? 4×114.3 or 4×110? I think it should be 114 coz it shares many same things with KE70 Corollas right? And i know they use 114. Thx mate.

  6. Edgar: Yes, you’re right, Charmant’s using 114.3 PCD. Go get your rims now haha!

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