From 4AGE to 4AGE

I went and had a look on my Charmant’s progress, and the guys are doing a pretty fast job, as you can see from my 1st picture below, my engine is now taken out from the car:

Emptied engine bay

Emptied engine bay

My 4AGE has been dismantled as well, with the parts such as the camshafts being scattered around the floor:

Dismantled 4AGE parts

Dismantled 4AGE parts

And the main culprit is my Cylinder, the one from the far right is basically f*ckup up, I only have my K550i so I can’t snap some really crisp and detailed pictures of it though, so this will just have to do for now:

F*cked up Cylinder Block

F*cked up Cylinder Block

And here is a look on my replacement engine, some of the essential parts such as the TVIS has been transplanted, and it’s basically ready to be placed into my Charmant real soon:

The 'other' 4AGE ready to be swapped in

The 'other' 4AGE ready to be swapped in

I’ll need to get new Engine oil and filter today, and the engine should be able to start up this afternoon, let’s hope everything is working fine, then I can focus on other stuffs, such as air cond (it’s hot in Sibu!), fuel pump as well as E brake.

While I was snapping those pictures, the mechanic showed me another sleeper project of his, a Toyota Crown that was parked at the side of the shop:

2JZ powered Crown

2JZ powered Crown

Truly a monster spec sleeper, popped up the hood and you’ll see the omgwtfbbq 2JZ inside, dayuummmnnn~~

Sadly the engine is the only impressive part of this Crown, as it has an automatic transmission and no LSD, mmmm…..

10 Responses to “From 4AGE to 4AGE”

  1. you got me wondering, wouldn’t it be more reliable (and cheaper) in the long run if you just replace (and oversize) the pistons on your old engine? the thought of replacing a worn engine with also a used engine scares me but maybe you know something i don’t? u sure the bearings and pistons on the replacement engine still ok?

  2. Damn xD 2JZ in a Crown ?! I was expecting 1JZ but 2JZ ?! That’s insane. I wonder how the car will react with full throttle =)

  3. I thought I could be on a spin on your Charmant again. Today is my last day here in Sibu, can’t wait to catch up and all. By the way, my Aunt’s husband sends his car over to your workshop too

  4. Edgar: I got the spare 4AGE dirt cheap, might as well swap it in, while I can use my current one as a learning tool while it’s out of my car, like you said, I can even clean it up, do some oversizing mods to it, rebuild it and etc. At the same time, I can still rock’n’roll with my Charmant during the weekends. 😀 I really ain’t the person that is patient enough in touching up the car or engine, I’m more towards the driver type, can’t resist driving the car in short period of times!

    Tomiya: wheelspin! But the auto gear definitely made it more drivable.

    Kev: Sorry for not being able to spend time with you, was real busy these days with family and company business, and its unfortunate that my car just happens to be in the workshop as well, next time bro.

  5. bro did u swapped u charmant engine w a half-cut 86 or jst get the engine with wiring, ecu & etc… I’m planning to swap mine w a 1/2 cut and mine is alr runnin with a 4age but doesn’t feel complete.. hehe

  6. aa63, none of the above, the 4AGE doesn’t include wiring, ecu, nor TVIS, most of the stuff been taken out and used by the mechanic himself, he bought it a while ago for spares too.

  7. no im askin bout the frst swap u did on ur car did u transfer everthing inc the dash board, pedals, a/c, blowers etc.. to the charmant or u bought everythin separate and jst the neccassary things and plonk the engine in w the ecu wirings, gearbox…etc.

  8. aa63, oh, it was swap from a TE72, includes everything.

  9. Woah, so much has happened, that i am not aware of. What exactly happened to the 4th cylinder? Interested to know how much you got for the engine block???

  10. gud stuff bro….

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