Charmant is Alive~!!

Before I fly off to KL>Melaka for the Star Drift final round, I need to go have another look on my car in the workshop, to my surprise, it’s already up and running, and best of all, the engine felt real smooth after I test drove it for a few minutes.  Felt good to drive a healthy 4AGE once again, the feeling was awesome.

Oh and guess what I saw in the workshop, there was another Toyota Mark II that was about to have its stock engine swapped with this….



Looks like Sibu has quite a few Gila Kuasa drivers around as well, I’m starting to like the projects done so far from this workshop though.

Anyways, my car is still having some fuel issues, will have that fixed along with my Ebrake, and Air Cond before I can settle the bill and drive it home.

Oh yes, speaking of Star Drift, I’ll be flying off to W. Malaysia early morning tomorrow, very early!  The flight departs at 7am!

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