Spare Parts

My car is now in the workshop, this is the spare 4AGE kosong that will be going into my Charmant:

4AGE kosong on the floor

4AGE kosong on the floor

I’ll be replacing some of the parts thats still working fine from my original engine, I’m going to be so broke after this.

The old engine will be reserved and I will need to find a place in my house to store it, without annoying my dad too much at the same time, that’d be quite a challenge, damn!

Maybe I can finally learn something from the old engine, and maybe do some little upgrades bits by bits… oversized pistons? turbo charged? hmm…

2 Responses to “Spare Parts”

  1. Tham Wai Keong Says:

    Hello Stanley,

    I’m Tham, from Kuala Lumpur. I was searching around for some info
    on my Corolla’s problem when I happened to find your good blog.

    I’m using a 1981 Corolla KE70, “DX” model, 1,290 cc 4K engine.

    I was wondering if you might have any opinions on my car’s problem.

    I was driving around Sunday night today.. The car in front was going
    a bit slow, so I flashed my headlights at him to hurry up. When
    the lever returned to its position, the headlights went off !
    Turning its switch on the lever off, then on, the headlights
    came back on again.

    Then, when flipping my turn signal lever to the right to change
    lanes, it happened again. Turning the on/off switch restored
    the headlights. I had been noticing these few months, that
    whenever I flipped the lever for a turn, especially to the right,
    the headlights would “blip” a moment when the lever returned.

    Stopped the car at the roadside, sprayed some Philips contact
    cleaner into the lever contacts on the inside. Appeared to
    help a bit, but the problem was still there.

    So I phoned my car’s wireman, and he said the complete
    switch assembly – turn signal, headlights, flash and wiper
    – had to be replaced, since the contact surfaces were likely
    worn, or else the headlights would fail to switch on
    permanently one day.

    He said this happened more when using the lever on
    right turns because this is the direction used most often
    on the roads here – Malaysia is right-hand drive. Thus
    the headlight/turn signal contacts tended to wear out
    more on the right.

    He could look around for a used or Taiwanese unit for
    me, said it would cost at least M$100 ++.

    Or he could try modifying the wiring, and installing a
    separate switch for the headlights, leaving the lever
    switch for it redundant. Would cost M$ 50 +.

    However, I called my car’s aircon man for some further info.
    He said save my money – the problem could just be left alone.
    No risk of the headlights failing to come on. Just turn the switch
    on/off whenever the above problem arose, and it would
    come on again. He said his 1982 Datsun 120Y had been having
    this problem for years.

    What might you think ? My email is , and
    hp is 014-229 1339, if you might wish to drop me an SMS.

    Thanks for your time and good help.

    Kind regards


  2. Tham, thanks for dropping by, and damn that’s a freakin looooong post you have there.

    Well to answer your question, I’m no expert in this, but if I were you, I’ll just leave the headlights the way it is, to me it’s just an extremely minor issue, and I think I can worry more on other more important items. That’s just my way of thinking la…

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