Miri Extreme Motorsports Challenge 2013

MEMC 2013

MEMC 2013

I’m joining, RM200 entry fee.

Haven’t driven my Charmant for more than a month, gonna need to test drive/drift it very soon to see if it’s still in decent shape though, the event is just 2 weeks away.

Will need to start sourcing for spare tyres too, 4 at least.

The organizers did state that drifting is not recommended, because the track owner afraid that drifting might mess up the track surface or some sort, but hey, at least I’m getting my very first chance to push the limits in a real track (albeit a go kart type), not much complains there.

My only major concern is the trip itself, it’d be a 5-6 hours drive from Sibu to Miri, and the road condition is treacherous to say the least, with plenty of potholes at several sections, my Charmant will face it’s greatest challenge of all time, by getting to Miri in ONE PIECE and also, safely.

Wish me luck guys, will keep y’all posted.

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