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Miri Extreme Motorsports Challenge 2013

Posted in Cool Stuffs on April 27, 2013 by Stanley Carter
MEMC 2013

MEMC 2013

I’m joining, RM200 entry fee.

Haven’t driven my Charmant for more than a month, gonna need to test drive/drift it very soon to see if it’s still in decent shape though, the event is just 2 weeks away.

Will need to start sourcing for spare tyres too, 4 at least.

The organizers did state that drifting is not recommended, because the track owner afraid that drifting might mess up the track surface or some sort, but hey, at least I’m getting my very first chance to push the limits in a real track (albeit a go kart type), not much complains there.

My only major concern is the trip itself, it’d be a 5-6 hours drive from Sibu to Miri, and the road condition is treacherous to say the least, with plenty of potholes at several sections, my Charmant will face it’s greatest challenge of all time, by getting to Miri in ONE PIECE and also, safely.

Wish me luck guys, will keep y’all posted.

My Charmant featured in a Wedding video

Posted in Cool Stuffs on October 28, 2012 by Stanley Carter

Did some donuts around the couple, starts at 6:50 mark:

Good fun and good times, and best of all, Congrats to my friends Dennis and Leh Min on the marriage!

The video crew is ‘Tempting Hearts Studio’, check’em out on facebook at

A Ferrari as my Son’s Birthday Present!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on April 5, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I kid you not…

Ferrari Toy Car for my Son's Birthday

Ferrari Toy Car for my Son's Birthday

Ferrari Toy Car for my Son's Birthday

…Alright so it’s a toy, and it’s made from China as well, but at least they done a pretty good job on the plastic shell though, LOL!

Here’s some basic specs of the toy:

Size – 127 x 69 x 44cm

Weight – 11kg

Maximum passenger weight – 30kg

Electric Motor – DC 6V (Powering ONLY 1 of the rear wheels)

Battery – Dry Cell 6V7Ah

Money Spent – Less than RM300.

I mentioned quite a while ago that I’d buy one of these electric toy cars for my son, and I’m glad I finally did, most importantly is that he likes it, and here’s a video to show how he operates the toy car:

My son will have to make do with this motor for the time being, maybe when I have the time or knowledge, I could probably increase some steering angles plus some upgraded battery for more power, maybe even make it 2 wheel drive instead of only 1, give the little bugger some wheel spin! LOL!

‘Car Online’ Sibu’s First Car Wash Restaurant

Posted in Cool Stuffs on March 5, 2011 by Stanley Carter

'Car Online' external view

I first heard of this shop couple weeks ago from a colleague of mine, at first I was skeptical, but today I finally got the chance to check out the place myself (My Viva was in need of a car wash badly), and WOW, was I surprised!

MOMO dished steering as door handle!

The first thing that caught my attention is this ‘DRIFTING’ steering wheel from MOMO, which also served as the door handle for the main entrance to the restaurant, I was like “whhhhaaaaa!?” IMO the idea of using a steering as a door handle is very unique, and cool at the same time!  So I pushed the door open using the MOMO steering, and I see this…

Dining table in a Mini Cooper!!

Yes!  That is a dining table IN the Mini Cooper!  You can open up the doors and sit on those comfy chairs and dine in it if you wish, neat concept!

While I look around, I spotted more cool stuffs laying around the shop, such as these…

XBOX360 Setup

XBOX controllers on a table made from car's Rim

F1 model diecast for light source!

Free Internet and WiFi access

Wall decorated with wheel caps

There is a lot of nice ideas and concepts been utilized here in this restaurant, but the next thing I’m going to show you is my top favorite, I present to you…

Basin made out of a rear boot of a Honda Accord, Exhaust Tip and Bike Tire as Mirror!

I was literally giggling all the way while I was enjoying my drink, which is also named after a Nissan sports car, the ‘Silvia’, it’s actually Ribena plus 7-up, topped with some lemon.  Seriously, how cool is this shop!? LOL!

View from inside the Restaurant

I like this view, this shot was taken exactly on the table that I was enjoying my drink on, it’s a great view simply because you have a very clear view on how your car is being washed, very nice indeed!

And here’s a video that I took while I was in the shop:

I spent more than an hour at the shop, the car wash was kinda slow, but it doesn’t matter since I get to have a variety of entertainments in the restaurant, I get to drink, or eat if I want to, play XBOX, chess, read some books or go online. In short, I definitely recommend this place to any local car lovers out there!  If you in need of a car wash, do drop by the shop and give it a try!

I was definitely having a great time at the shop, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting the place again very soon, to get my car washed, of course, haha!

I’ve heard about this shop before, was skeptical at first but finally decided to pay a visit this afternoon and wow, was I surprised! The shop owner decided to merge it’s car wash business with a restaurant themed with all things car’s related, and IMO he executed well! From the momo door handle to the exhaust basin, I was giggling from start all the way till I finished my drink, which was also named ‘Silvia’, LOL!

Happy Belated Valentines!

Posted in Car stuff, Cool Stuffs, Personal on February 15, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I know I’m a day late, but that’s not really the point as I’ve already celebrated my Valentines last week.  Like I’ve mentioned before, me and my wife are not a fan of the ridiculously priced dinner sets, and so we went to Cafe Cafe (as usual, it’s my wife’s favorite restaurant) and had a great meal for less than RM50!

Now while everyone were brainstorming on what to do for their special Valentine, I was busy doing some pretty interesting stuffs during the weekend.  First off, I finally got myself a temporary Oil Catch bottle to counter the Engine oil spill issue, I bought some new fuel hoses, cable ties and a few clips, plus a free drinking bottle that I received from my company’s Christmas Party last year, it’s done:

DIY oil catch bottle (temporary solution)
DIY oil catch bottle (temporary solution)

You can see there’s no return hose going back into my intake, hence I’m only using cable tie, if there was to be more oil spilled after my hard driving sessions, I can simply cut them loose and pour the oil back into my 4AGE again.  At least I don’t have to worry about messing up my Engine bay again (it’s already a mess now anyways…).

After I got my DIY oil catch problem settled, I visited the Sibu Gateway on a hot Sunday afternoon to check out some local R/C drifting action…

Sibu R/C Drift Cars Lineup
Group photo of the organizers and drivers (small crowd)

And here’s a video that I shot during the practice session:

Also made a couple new friends of the R/C drifter group, I asked some of them if they ever thought about venturing into the real car drifting scene, unfortunately only one showed interest and he’s already in a look out for a clean KE70 for his first drift car build, for the rest though, they are there to play R/C drifting for a reason, real car drifting needs a heck lot more commitment and money in order to achieve the actual level of fun they are having right now.  Still, I am very envy of them, simply on the fact that they had a gang of their own, setup a club for the Sibu R/C drift scene, and even held 1-2 events monthly!  Now when can the real car drifting do the same in Sibu?

The ‘Ken Block’ from Land of the Rising Sun!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on November 5, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Spotted this video just now from my YouTube subscription, appears to be some Japanese Show where they showcases the elite drifting skills of one of the senior Team Orange driver, Tanaka san!

There’s plenty of hilarious moments in there, especially the miniature trike thingy where they’re imitating the famous Ken Block’ish segway stunt.

The last stunt is amazing in the fact that although Tanaka only succeeded after the 20th attempt, it’s AMAZING that he NEVER hit the doll even once! I could be wrong though, since the video didn’t actually showed all 20 attempts, but man if he really didn’t hit it from all those attempts…. now that to me…is MAD skills!

Of course, that is still no denying that if the guy would to really use his own head for the stunt, that’d be way too suicidal! LOL!

Malaysia Boleh!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on November 3, 2010 by Stanley Carter

SR powered TE pickup with NOS

Click here for Full Res

Now this is one heck of a drift ride, built by ACE (if I’m not mistaken), this is a Toyota Corolla TE pickup!  Instead of going with the usual Toyota motor, this TE pickup is mated with a Nissan SR20VE motor coupled with some extra dose of NOS as well, what more can I say, this is sure as heck one of the most unique TE cars I’ve come across, too bad this is the most information I can get as I’m still looking to find out more about the car, would be nice to know it’s full spec and more shots of the engine bay as well as the interior, anyone?

Anyways, for the full coverage of the GT Radial Drift Force Battle event, visit Drift.Com.My for the full on coverage.