Lain Kali Lah!

Bad week.

Malaysia didn’t managed to ubah after all, however it did seem to unite all Malaysians more, I guess that’s a good thing, just check out the insane crowd that turned out at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night, it was mind blowing!

Anyways, politics aside… here’s another bad news, apparently the MEMC car time attack has been SACKED, there’s a pretty long story behind and may even be political related, but I’m too lazy to go into the details, simply put, some motherfuckers are making a fuss about the event and unfortunately they got their wish, IMO these mofos better step down and give others a chance to help the Sarawak motorsport scene grow, seriously, we barely have any legitimate motorsport events here, and I believe there’s HUGE potential for Sarawak, too bad there’s fuckers are mostly around fucking things up when they all should be working together to help the sport grow and bloom.

Enough ranting, I’m done for the post, till next time!

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