My 3rd 4AGE



So, my 3rd 4AGE finally arrived to the workshop in one piece, first thing first, is to cut and reweld the throttle body since it’s currently at the ‘wrong’ side of the intake, you can see in the above pics, this 16v 4AGE does not have TVIS anymore, huhuhu~

Right after the throttle body mod was completed, the mech was quick in installing it into my car, here’s a quick view:

Engine installed

There’s a few more littlest stuff that needed to be sorted out before I can drive it home, but the first thing I’ve noticed is that the engine now sits lower as compared to my previous two engines, hmm?

And due to the slightly different sizes of the intake manifold, here’s a picture to show just how CLOSE  it is to my clutch fluid!

Oh hello there Clutch Fluid, mind if we shared some space?

Other than that, I’ve also replaced my old Clutch plate and lining, couple of seals and also in need of a new battery, till then, look forward to my next update.  ^^

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