Fuckin robbers

My sister’s purse got snatched away few hours ago, and it all happened in my house.

All of us were having our lunch, I left home earlier as I got some other business to attend to, I left the gate open as I knew my sister was about to leave as well, but what I didn’t knew was that she went upstairs to use my computer for a while since her two daughters were still eating at the living room, and yet somehow she decided to just leave the gate opened. Just few minutes after I left, a stranger suddenly walks into our home (our main door was closed but it wasn’t locked) with his slippers on, he looked over my sister’s daughters and grinned (according to my niece, he was making a clown-ish expression), he then left a letter on the nearest table (I assumed he was trying to pretend as a postman?), walked towards the nearest sofa where my sister left her purse at, grabbed and started running to his motorcycle! It was only then my nieces knew the guy was actually a robber/thieve, they rushed upstairs to my sister while crying for help, when my sister got down the stranger had already flee.

My sister didn’t lost much as she only had RM40++ in her purse, there were some cards but she had disabled all of them right after. However, we do feel extremely fortunate that the robber was only aiming for the purse, and not the kids! Just imagine how disastrous it’d be if he or them were to do something to the little ones, and my sister were upstairs!

This is not the first time that had happened in our home, as my sister had had her phone snatched before while she was bathing her youngest son in the bathroom, and yes, she left the door wide open! (the gate was closed but not locked). I’m sure after this second encounter, she’d learn her lesson and always close and lock the gates/doors at all times.

This definitely raised our awareness on the safety and security in our neighborhood, guess all we could do now is just be that extra more careful. Again, we’re lucky no one was hurt. Fuckin robbers!

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