DCM Fanboyism

I admit, I’m a fan to anything DCM related, I’ve purchased most of the merchandises released throughout the years, and now for the latest addition to my collection, the new DCM roadtax stickers!

DCM roadtax stickers

I’ve bought 3 of them, 1 will go to my daily driver, Viva, another will go to my drifter, the Charmant, and the last one will go to…

DCM roadtax sticker being put to good use.

..My dad’s new Kia Forte of course, hehe!

Btw, yesterday while I was on the road, I spotted this Van on the road…

Stranded Van on the streets

If you look closer, you can spot the broken driveshaft underneath the Van, first thing that came to my mind was… this Van must be rolling with some serious power under that hood… LOL!

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