Engine cleanup

Here’s how my engine looks like before the wash:

Dirty 4AGE

Dirty 4AGE

As you can see from the picture above, some of the more important areas of the engine has been covered up with… erm… torn towels… -__-  (I know I know, its a very worrying sight even before they started washing…)

And then, the workers started spraying water at my engine:

Wet and dirty 4AGE

Wet and dirty 4AGE

After the water spraying was done, they sprayed some chemical fluids on the engine’s surface.

The more disturbing sight to come next was when the workers started doing those “snow wash” thingy on my engine!

Engine snow wash!?

Engine snow wash!?

I quickly dragged the boss over….

“Dude! You never told me you’re gonna snow wash it!”

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s like this wan…. no need to worry, I’ll blow it dry later on~”


The workers proceeded by wiping and cleaning the foams off while I looked at my engine helplessly….

Wiping off foams

Wiping off foams

After they’re finally done, I was to drive my car to the front of the shop where the 2nd phase of the engine cleanup is to be done, but before I do so, I knew the engine will have some choking since what it has gone through.. gulp…

I’ve started the engine, and as expected, the engine wasn’t running smooth, I then switched off the engine and pulled all my plugs out and asked the workers to blow’em dry, REAL dry.  After I’ve made sure they’re dry, I’ve placed them in position and started the engine again, surprisingly, the problem was solved… what a fxcking RELIEF!! LOL!!

I slowly drove my car to the front of the shop, still worrying if my car would drift right, I’ve decided to do some donuts at the front of the shop before driving into it.  I’ve only did 2 circles, but the kids (yeah, the workers were mostly teenagers) seemed excited as according to them, they haven’t seen real drifting before, well good for them then, now get a move on and CLEAN UP my engine! ^^

The engine is real clean for sure, but you can’t really tell since most of the dirty stuff covered can’t seem to be removed by the chemical fluid that was applied earlier on, we then decided to use a heat-resistant paint to get the job done, here you can see the workers are applying the paint on my engine… with a drawing brush.. LOL!

Applying paint on Engine cover

Applying paint on Engine cover

Applying paint on Engine cover

Applying paint on Engine cover

Although the engine still doesn’t look as clean as the ones you might’ve expected, but for a mere RM30 charge, I have to admit I was very satisfied with the end result:

Cleaner 4AGE

Cleaner 4AGE

It definitely looks A WHOLE LOT CLEANER compared to before, which I am very happy with, and to sum it up, here’s a before and after comparison picture:

Before & After

Before & After

Next time I’ll just have to make sure the shop KNOWS what they’re doing, but truth be told, I don’t think I’ll be washing my engine for a LONG LONG time, I just hope there ain’t any implication caused by this wash.

11 Responses to “Engine cleanup”

  1. Drift, another way to dry your car after a wash.. LoL.
    Seriously tho, you need to ask in detail before letting someone do anything to your engine. RM30 that’s around, what, USD9? Not bad..

    Hey Stanley, are you using the standard Charmant gearbox? I am sure the gearbox would bolt up directly to the engine but another confirmation wouldn’t hurt, right. Did you do the swap yourself?

  2. Edgar, if they offer me cheaper price to snow wash my engine again, not anymore man… it’s very fortunate that my engine is still running fine, I did asked and I guess he just didn’t told me everything.

    Nop, I am using T50 gearbox from the AE86 as well, my previous gearbox was automatic to a toyota 4k engine, I’m not sure whats the standard Charmant gearbox looks like as I never seen one, I’m not sure if it’s a direct bolt on though.

  3. Ah i see.. So you got the 4K engine version.There are two engine types for Charmant: 4K and 4A-C. 4K’s gearbox won’t bolt up straight to a 4A-GE. Mine is the 4A-C coming with T50 as standard.So i think it’ll bolt on directly.

  4. Edgar: Yea I remember I’ve read it somewhere as long as your engine is the ‘A’ series, then your previous gearbox should fit right on with 4AGE. You might have a problem if your previous engine is 4K like my Charmant was. ^^

  5. Damn dirty and definitely better after the cleanup. Anyway, I thought it’s only rm5 per engine wash like here in my area.

  6. Now it looks like a true 4AGE alright!

  7. wow great project… do it bro.

  8. Should’ve painted it blue… BLUETOP!!!

  9. Usually they wrap the contact points with plastic bags before they wash the engine! RM10…so together with washing the car, RM10.00

  10. …altogether RM20.

  11. STP: I think the extra RM10 is for the paint that were applied on my engine top. But considering how careless they are while washing my engine, I ain’t going back there again.

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