Rice Alert!

Performance upgrade:

DCM Windscreen Sticker

DCM Windscreen Sticker

DCM Windscreen Sticker

DCM Windscreen Sticker

This is a 50hp boost sticker yo!

Ok, jokes aside, I’m not entirely sure if I would feel comfortable driving the Charmant out on the streets like this though… LOL!

Maybe I could tint the windows darker to increase the “beng factor”! kekekeke~

6 Responses to “Rice Alert!”

  1. Darker? JPJ people roadblocks everywhere these days…

  2. STP: It’s not like my car is going to pass safely even without the tinted windows… my exhaust… cough cough… LOL!

  3. That exhaust got me a saman first week when i had my car.

  4. Ermm….i think those front lights could do some smoking…as it would compliment the dark hood a lil…just my suggestion..heh…

  5. Hyper: Smoking? I’ve heard of those but never really understood how its done and how it looks like… *googling*…

  6. tint over them! =D gives it a darkish looking effect =D

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