Bintulu Auto Carnival 2017 – 11 to 12 Nov

Similar scale to the Kuching MAC, Bintulu Auto Carnival or BAC is considered one of the biggest auto events in Sarawak where it includes Motorsports such as Gymkhana and Drift, being the 2nd ever BAC to be held, the organizer BASC (Boost Automotive Sports Club) decided to do it at 2 separate locations, with the autoshow inside the Paragon mall and the Gymkhana and Drift at the Bintulu old airport runway, it was a big 2 days event filled with all sort of automotive programs, needless to say it attracted a whole bunch of Sarawak auto enthusiasts to join, including the Kuching SAS gang, Sibu and Bintulu drifters, and of course plenty of friends from Miri and Brunei as well.

It’s also considered Bintulu’s first ever Gymkhana and Drift competitions to be held, and BASC had brought in some professional helps from West Malaysia, namely Ee Yoong Cherng from KL again to manage the Gymkhana and Drift sections, as well as Tan Chin Fu from JB as the official event photographer.

Gymkhana was on the 1st day and with the big venue that we have, Yoong had setup the first ever high speed Gymkhana for Sarawak drivers, with speed going up to 3rd gear, it’s definitely something very fresh even for the experienced Kuching Kone Attackers.  Not only was the layout fast, it was also a lot more technical as well, coupled with the great weather, the Gymkhana on the first day was smooth, fun and simply awesome.  With my fully welded axle, I managed to snatch a satisfactory 4th place in the RWD category, pretty happy with the result myself, at least I know I did way better compared to MAC, haha.

The next and final day would be the much anticipated Drift competition, it’s a slightly similar layout to the MAC Sibu roadshow event, with a R shape corners, but this time the straightline run up to the first corner was longer and guaranteed a much higher speed entry.  Again, the line up of cars were more than 20 and for the first time ever, there was a top 16 bracket tandem battles!

Long story short, I fought all my way to the finals and met up with Kuching Bernard Liew again in his same KE70, with my lesson learnt from the previous MAC drift event, I changed my driving style and I managed to preserve my clutch this time, I was in top shape and I managed to beat him this time, successfully revenged! I was awarded the Top Qualifier award and also crowned the BAC 2017 Drift Champion, what an ecstatic and overwhelming experience, super stoked!

Check out the photos and some youtube videos below:

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