July 2016: More Sibu & Bintulu Drift Madness

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It’s 1 month before the annual MAC Kuching again, this year I’ve been planning early and just to get everyone hyped, we’ve arranged some impromptu training or should I say… practise sessions for the Sibu and Bintulu participants in Gymkhana/Drift, just to get ourselves ready and well prepared for the big event next month!

Again, pictures talk!


10 Jul’16: 4 points safety harness belt!


10 Jul’16: New arm, new steering shaft, more cutting!


10 Jul’16: Seat upgrade with harness belt!


10 Jul’16: Mini fire extinguisher..check!


10 Jul’16: Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise


10 Jul’16: Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise

It is at the 2nd quarter of 2016 that I’ve met 2 newcomers in the Sibu drift scene, it was very fortunate that both of them are really serious in the sport and the rest is history, both of them are young, single and very energetic, I’m excited to guide them to the right path and looking forward in seeing how they progress in the near future!

Here’re some videos of the Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise sessions:

After the Sibu sessions, we’ve proceeded straight to Bintulu again the very next week, damn we just don’t stop!


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


28 May~4 June 2016: Bintulu-Miri-Brunei Trip

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Had a holiday trip with my in law family members and we travel in 2 cars, 1 of which is my own Charmant, although it was intended to be a relaxing family trip, but I just can’t help but to squeeze in some drift action in between to quench my thirst for some sideways action, haha!

Anyhow, I’ll let the pictures talk!


28 May’16: Extended ebrake handle b*tch!! Things about to get real serious!


1 Jun’16: Visit to the drift workshop of Bintulu!


1 Jun’16: Visit to the drift workshop of Bintulu!


1 Jun’16: Bintulu friends are too awesome, they brought plenty of water to wet the track for us!


1 Jun’16: Bintulu Drift Boleh!

After me and my in law family had our funs at Bintulu, we departed to Miri, and while we’re 2/3 on the trip, my Charmant decided to break down…again just like the very old times, I’ve called up my good friend Johnny Yong whom is now working on his own business (Ceramic Pro) in Miri, he came for the rescue without hesitation, his deep knowledge and experience in 4age have saved me numerous times in the past, and that day was no exception, in the end I managed to drive my Charmant safely to Miri in one piece, all thanks to him. Good to be catching up with you again old friend!


3 Jun’16: Long time friend, Johnny Yong!

After some long needed catching up with Johnny, I’ve made a visit to the infamous Go-Kart track of Miri the very next morning, I’ve been wanting to visit this track for such a looong time and I’m glad I’ve achieved half of my dream, if you ask why only half? …. well… it’s the fact that the gates are bloody LOCKED god damnit! I was soooo tempted to break open the gate and just let my Charmant go loose in that beautiful little track, definitely would be very fun in some 2nd gear actions!  Anyways, not being able to drive in it after making such a long journey from Sibu, was definitely my BIGGEST disappointment in this trip!


4 Jun’16: Special moment for me, finally reached Miri Go Kart Track!


4 Jun’16: Special moment for me, finally reached Miri Go Kart Track!

12 February 2016: New Wheels…Finally!

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Been eyeing at this local wheel maker from Malaysia for quite some time and finally made the decision to pamper myself and my Charmant right before CNY, got this Atara Racing Cengkih 14″x8jj at less than RM1,500 delivered to my very door step, you can’t ask for any cheaper than that!


Finally some proper wheels on my Charmant!

The wheels didn’t fit that perfect though, as I faced some issues with clearance, but that was temporarily resolved with a set of front spacers installed, looks kinda weird but hey, as long as it functions fine, I’m all cool!

23 January 2016: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Scene Blooming

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The momentum from 2015 doesn’t stop and with my persistent enthusiasm, me and my new friends jump started 2016 with a bang in Bintulu, we’ve established a small convoy from Sibu to Bintulu and had an awesome 2 days Gymkhana and Drift session with the locals, so much fun, so much heat and so much satisfaction in burning rubbers via sideways style!


At this point of time, majority of us from Sibu have started to realize just how much better the scene and venue here in Bintulu in terms of drift, not only does the surface works way easier to our tyres, but the runoff zones are all flat grass, which is way safer compared to Sibu, there’s no problem here going 2nd or 3rd gear drifts, flat out!  More exciting moments to come…

2015 Recap after MAC

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Long overdue update eh? well I’ve been way toooooo busy nowadays, it just so happens that I’m sorta free at this particular late morning of a beautiful but hot Sunday (2/10/16) that I felt that this blog site of mine is in desperate need of a recap update, so let us begin with what has happened to my drift and Charmant’s adventure after the Kuching MAC event shall we?…

10406631_10155979309330261_5890340487983120473_n4 Sept’15: Got myself a cheap knockoff Sparco racing glove on Mudah.my


12 Sept’15: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Gathering


12 Sept’15: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Gathering


12 Sept’15: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Gathering


12 Sept’15: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Gathering


12 Sept’15: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Gathering


12 Sept’15: Bintulu Gymkhana/Drift Gathering


26 Sept’15: Ultra Racing strut bar installed.


4 Oct’15: Sibu Gymkhana Practise


18 Oct’15: Sibu Gymkhana Practise


18 Oct’15: Sibu Gymkhana Practise


18 Oct’15: Sibu Gymkhana Practise

As you can see, the Gymkhana/Drift scene in both Sibu and Bintulu started to pick up soon after the Kuching MAC event, met a whole lot of new friends in both Sibu and Bintulu of course, this is just the beginning, and 2016 is starting to get much more exciting in terms of Sarawak motorsport scene…

Now to end this post, check out some youtube videos of the above mentioned sessions:


My M.A.C. Kuching 2015 Experience – Day 3 (23 Aug 2015)

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After having prawn noodle breakfast with Desmond (S15 drifter), we returned to the iCom Square for a short bit of time before our departure to Sarawak Stadium for some serious drifting.


Gold Lambo!


Supercars on display!


The Champion for Best Modified, an Audi TT modded by S.Met Garage.


Me posing with Ah Met.


Group photo of friends

Then comes the drifting at Sarawak Stadium, while it wasn’t my first time being there, but it was my first time driving my own Charmant at that venue, needless to say it was a special moment and again, I was way too excited LOL!

2 things that struck me the most after some drifting there:

  1. It wasn’t as big as I’ve expected, it’s a mixture between 1st and 2nd gear with mostly 1st gear drift only due to limited spacing.
  2. The surface was ROUGH as fuck, almost gravel-like which doesn’t provide much traction but at the same time is a super tyre killer man… in less than 10 mins, I’ve demolished 4 tyres!

While I ran out of tyres to play again, both Ah Met and Desmond offered to let me try out their respective drift cars, I first tried Ah Met’s KE70 (also running stock 4AGE 16v) and the major difference between his car and mine is how much lighter his car is, it was nimble and FAST; then comes the FUN part, drifting a Silvia S15 for the very first time, check out the video first, note that this was my very first time driving it:

As expected, the S15 was a dream car to have for a drift enthusiast like me, it handles like a dream and I was having an absolute blast maneuvering it throughout the entire course sideways, damn how I wish I’m rich enough to get a Silvia straightaway!

And whalla, that’s it for my 3 days MAC Kuching 2015 experience, till next time yo!

My M.A.C. Kuching 2015 Experience – Day 2 (22 Aug 2015)

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Due to over-excitement, I woke up very early around 6am’ish, me and the Bintulu gangs had our breakfast at ‘Hi-Bread’ which is right beside my budget hostel around 9am, after that it was a very short drive to iCom Square around 9:30am for the M.A.C. 2015.

Breakfast at Hi-Bread

Breakfast at Hi-Bread

I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the venue is, and how much I’ve appreciated it being selected for car show, I really can’t think of a better venue for this occasion, check it out by yourself:

Very nice venue for car show, iCom Square

Very nice venue for car show, iCom Square

After 9:30am’ish, the participants and their cars started rolling in…

Fairladies from Kuching

Fairladies from Kuching

Red and sexy

Red and sexy



Kuching Autokhana Expert's S15

Kuching Autokhana Expert’s S15

Me and my friends from Bintulu were all Kone Attack participants, so we had our cars parked in a separate area and the briefing for the competition started roughly around 10am by none other than the SAS President aka ‘Obi-wan’, here you can see he is guiding us through the course layout on a board first before the course-walk:

'Obiwan' doing the Kone Attack briefing

‘Obiwan’ doing the Kone Attack briefing

After the briefing and the course-walk were done, we immediately commenced our practise session, which were categorized in 3 groups for easier management.  Check out my practise run videos below!

I'm really pumped for the Kone Attack practise!

I’m really pumped for the Kone Attack practise!

During my first few practise runs, I was trying to finish the course without any use of E-brake, my time was very disappointing due to the sharp turns and tight course, after watching the better drivers performed with plenty use of E-brakes, I’ve decided to do the same as well and it makes a world difference, I was also very surprised by my half-assed Hydraulic E-brake that actually works quite decent too!  Needless to say I was having a blast in each of my run!

Practise session ended right after lunch hour and the actual competition starts with each driver granted 3 runs, whereby 2 of the best runs shall be averaged to get the final score (time), I don’t think any of you’d be interested in my time cause neither do I, anyways, my position is roughly between 7th and 8th if I’m not mistaken, and just for your information, the Champion was won by a bone stock Proton Wira, which further proves that this type of Autokhana requires 80% driver skills rather than a good car, hehe.

Check out my 3rd and final run of the day, which was also my best run out of all 3:

The Kone Attack competition finished at sun down, where the drift demo finally begins and it’s been what I’ve been eagerly waiting for…

Finally a photo of me with Kuching DK Met Sim.

Finally a photo of me with Kuching DK Met Sim.

The drifters for the evening drift demo show.

The drifters for the evening drift demo show.

And here’re the videos of the action:

‘Safety car’ Silvia S15:

The rest:

As you can see, due to limited space, there wasn’t much we can do except for some 1st gear donuts and figure 8s, however it was still hella fun though, albeit it may look quite dangerous at times due to the lack of marshalling, luckily nothing bad happened, definitely something to improve on in the events to come.

My Charmant and Kuching's DK KE70 after a hard evening of drifting show.

My Charmant and Kuching’s DK KE70 after a hard evening of drifting show.

After a long and hard day of driving, Ah Met and his friends brought me to a night market foodcourt to enjoy some delicious suppers, while the day was well spent and I had plenty of fun, I was really looking forward to the next day whereby I’ll be FINALLY having the chance to drift in the most popular drift venue in Kuching, the car park area in Sarawak Stadium Kuching! To be continued…