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Kuching Drift Party – 11th Nov 2018

Posted in Events, Kuching Drift Crew, Sarawak Drift Tracks, Travelling on September 13, 2020 by Stanley Carter

With the momentum carried from the last Bintulu Drift Party, Kuching’s StayTuned Motorsports Club formed a sub team for the drifting sector, named ‘Kuching Drift Crew’, and they’ve acquired the permits to host a drifting event at the Samarahan Civic Center open car park.

Invitations were extended to all the drift enthusiasts throughout Sarawak, participants included me and my Sidewayz Squad buddies of course, as well as the up and coming Miri drifters such as Hee Wei Seng, Johnny and Wallace.

We arrived a day before and we’re treated with a nice welcoming dinner in a Chinese restaurant, thanks KDC!

The best part is of course on actual event day, the event was very well organized with plenty of helpers and marshals on site to ensure safety and keep everything in order, since there’s no competition, all of us drivers get to immediately get into drifting right after the morning briefing, it was short and simple, followed by a opening ceremony.

The weather for the entire day was very good, the track layout is quite similar to the Elite Speedway track in KL, it starts with a high 2nd gear right hand sweeper then a tight hairpin, followed by a quick transition to the left to finish the course. The high to low speed transition caught many of the drivers off guard, including me, but after a couple runs I managed to get the hang of it, and it just gets more fun from then on.

It’s the first ever drift party in Kuching, and KDC definitely outdid themselves, the hospitality rendered to us outsiders were also top notch, and all of us enjoyed the event very much, well done and thank you KDC!

My Experience at Palmhead Run – 23rd Sept 2018

Posted in Events, Personal, Random, Travelling on September 12, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Palmhead estate is considered one of the best oil palm plantations in Sarawak, and every 2 years, they would host an invitational only running event right in their plantation roads, it first started with 11km, then it become 15km and eventually 18km now by the year of 2018.

Anyways, I had a blast running the route with my work mates, every time has been a great and unforgettable experience that’s for sure, and it’s getting tougher too!

Bintulu Drift Party 1.0 – 1st Sept 2018

Posted in Boost Automotive Sports Club (BASC), Events, Sidewayz Squad, Travelling on September 12, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Planning started as early at July 2018, the plan was to host the 2nd Sarawak ‘Drift Matsuri’ event (the 1st event being the Sibu Bike Week Drift in 2016) at Bintulu.

This time, Sidewayz Squad collaborated with BASC to make sure that the event would be a success, venue was set at Old Airport runway, participants ranged from as far as Kuching, Sri Aman, Sibu, Miri and even Brunei.

I arrived at Bintulu a day earlier with my family and enjoyed ourselves first at the beach.

Before the actual drift party day, all participants were told to gather at Tanjung Beach car park for a casual gathering and it was pretty epic and awesome.

But the best is still to come on the actual drift day, morning weather was fair but afternoon heavy rainfall started pouring down, even so, it didn’t stop the drifters for continuing to enjoy themselves despite the wet weather.

The atmosphere really started to pick it up once the 4×4 offroad gangs arrived with their PA speakers setup, BBQ grills and most importantly = BEERS! By then the rain also stopped and left the surface with a semi-wet condition, which is pretty welcoming for the majority of us drifters as we get to enjoy plenty of non-stop sideways driving without worrying much on tyrewears.

In the end, everyone had a blast at the event and we had a relaxing dinner for the perfect closure, Sarawak drift scene is on fire and I’m definitely looking forward to what’s in store in the near future!