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Family’s trip to Thailand – 27 May 2017

Posted in Personal, Travelling on January 28, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Had a great time with my family at Thailand for over a week, good times.

On my recent trip to KL….

Posted in Car stuff, Travelling on April 5, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I finally get to see a G-T-R up close and personal…. it looks GREAT in reality!

I didn’t snap any photos at the time, but I did catch one on the last day when I’m on my way to the Airport though:

Nissan GTR

Kuching Drift!

Posted in Travelling on September 3, 2010 by Stanley Carter

First and foremost, there’s no videos and there’s no pictures, and this is actually a pretty boring post.

Here’s what happened, me and my family had a road trip down to Kuching for a little Holiday in our Kia Forte (such an underpowered car), while we were there, I’ve decided to phone up a long lost friend of mine who is currently having his own business there, I asked him to bring me to the infamous Stadium go-kart track and off we went.

Long story short, we arrived too late, as there was actually more than 40 cars gathered at the car park 1-2 hours before and there were some Silvias showing off drifting, by the time we’ve reached, I’ve only managed to spot a R34 GT-T, a Silvia S15 and a Kawabata’ish 180sx… plus few others LanEvo, Fairladies etc. and they were just packing up and leaving, kinda sucked as I’ve missed all the action!

What I don’t understand is, there are larger areas within the compound that are way suitable for drifting, yet they still preferred to do donuts and figure 8s at the usual place where it’s really small and confined, I mean seriously, why?  If I were them I’d probably be bored immediately, after all, they have been doing this for months, maybe over an year?  If I recalled correctly, I’ve actually watched some of them doing the same thing on YouTube over a year ago.

Maybe they have their own reasons, who knows?  But one thing’s for sure, I am very envious for Kuching drifters, they get to practise and play at such a great venue which is basically hassle-free from the authorities, now that is something Sibu doesn’t have!

Anyways, big thanks to my friend for bringing me there and it’s definitely a nice first visit for me though, if I’d ever had the chance, I’d really love to get my Charmant there and drift with the locals as well, hehe.

My Miri Trip (Johnny’s Wedding)

Posted in Travelling on June 7, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Last week I paid a little visit to Miri to attend the Wedding of Johnny, who is finally becoming a real ‘Man’ as well as a husband for his lovely doctor (Intern) wife, Michelle.

I departed from Sibu on a Bus during late night, although the seat was big, fat and comfy, I wasn’t feeling too good on the idea of doing late night + long distance travels on a bus, what bugged me even more was that there was no seatbelt!  ….I’m just glad I’m still alive, LOL!

Anyways, the trip on the bus wasn’t pleasant, I couldn’t sleep well, and while I tried to restrain myself from drinking too much water, I still felt like I need to pee every short period of time, which was NOT cool at all, the air conditioner in the bus was basically at full blast too, damn!

At 3AM’ish, the Bus finally reached Batu Nia’s rest stop, I was feeling dizzy and sleepy while I slowly made my way to the washroom, after some freshen up and some serious peeing done, I felt a lot better, as soon as I walked out from the washroom, I saw these!

Behold, the Ultraman nemesis, LOL!

Baby Godzilla?

"What ya looking at?"

These 2 dudes have the BLING yo!

I totally missed these fellas on my way to the toilet, haha!  Anyways, I spent a good 10~20 minutes starring at these guys until the driver decided it was time to leave, I haven’t visited Batu Nia in a very long, long time, so this was definitely new to me, cool!

At around 5AM’ish, I finally reached Miri, and truth be told, I was surprised there was no terminal there!  The buses were basically parked in a big open space, totally unexpected if you ask me, heh!  Johnny soon came to fetch me and we’re off to the nearby market for some much needed breakfast.

After breakfast, it was straight to Johnny’s house, it was delightful to re-unite with this legendary ride again:

4AGTE AE86 Trueno Coupe

And Johnny has got some new toys for his little 86 as well:


The 'office'

Johnny’s friends, or so called ‘brothers’ soon arrived one by one, and all of them were driving some real impressive rides too!

Nice JEEP!

This Jeep was later used as a Camera car

Integra Type-R

You can never deny the Type-R goodness!

Then came the coolest car of the day, the Merc CLS500, the wedding ride for Johnny and his wife:

Merc CLS500 front view

Merc CLS500 rear view

Merc CLS500 sideview


Merc CLS500 Interior

The sexyness of this Merc is beyond words can describe, with a price tag of RM1mil, Johnny definitely has one of the sexiest wedding ride in Town!

While the CLS500 was the coolest car on that day, my favorite ride was actually from another car, the BMW M3!

BMW M3 in yo face!

M3 ❤

I absolutely agree!

I was lucky enough to be a passenger of this M3, despite the excitement, the driver, Roger, was pretty much driving..erm.. very civilized on the Miri streets, but who can blame’em, its his best buddy’s Wedding, you ain’t supposed to drive like a hoon on the streets!  Haha!  But I still can’t help but feel a little disappointed for not having the chance to feel the BEASTY M Power… oh well~ 😦

Now lets see some more pics of the actual wedding eh?

Michelle and Johnny

Group photo with Michelle's family members

Coming out of Miri St.John's Church

Welcome to the Club, Johnny! XD

I’m happy for the two of them, congratulations again!  And here’s a little short video that I made for the 2 of them, enjoy:

Now let’s move on to other matters, on the following day, I’ve asked Johnny if he would take me to the Lutong ‘raceway’, and obviously he said Yes, well.. how can he say no? LOL!

Pit area

The empty stage

The old airport runway in Lutong is where the annual Borneo Cup Sprint Drag Race were held, and last weekend just held the 2010 event, I came back to Sibu just a day earlier, but its not like I missed anything I’d really care though, since I’m not that into drag races.

However, Johnny did let me test drive his AE86 on the dragstrip, and man how thing’s have changed since the car was still in Sibu, Johnny made some little tweaks to the car, especially with the additional use of E-Manage, the power delivery from the 4AGTE was a lot smoother, making it such a JOY to rev this little bugger down the long straight!

Johnny's 9 sec car? LOL!

Getting ready for some straight road *yawn* action!

And that wraps it up for my Miri trip, I took MasWing (air flight) on my way back to Sibu, and how glad was I, LOL!  Haven’t done such long post in quite a while though, hopefully it doesn’t bore you guys to death, till next time! ^^

Bintulu <3

Posted in Travelling on May 4, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Last Thursday I traveled to Bintulu for work, found a newly furnished place to stay called ‘Walden Inn’, the place looks sweet.

Small and Cozy

Comfortable queen sized bed

The room that I opt for was the Standard one with window, which cost me RM65 per night only, what’s impressive is that it comes with a queen sized bed, Air-conditioner, a pretty big LCD TV on the wall with remote control and also a heater equipped shower room.

The space is very limited, but it has all the basic stuffs that you need for the 1 night stay.  I must say I wasn’t expecting to be  sleeping in such a cheap, but comfortable room in the middle of Bintulu town, needless to say, I slept well after an exhausting day at work.  I’ll definitely be coming back again to Walden Inn next time!

Speaking of Bintulu, here’s a couple of vids showcasing some Bintulu drift action yo~!

Unfortunately, all the above videos are pretty old, according to a Bintulu friend of mine who used to be into drifting back then, the scene kinda died 1-2 years ago due to the lack of proper venue for practise and the rising attention from the authorities.

I’ve actually seen the old airport runway of Bintulu, and it is a whole lot better compared to Sibu, too bad the town was literally built around it and right beside the airstrip is the Police Station, I heard there was once a souped up Silvia doing some acceleration test at the runway and got pulled in by the Police soon afterwards, now that, truly SUCKED!

Too bad the Bintulu drift scene died, my friend is now into drags, oh the blasphemy! LOL!

Looks like Sarawak drifting scene is not going to grow anytime soon, maybe never?

Star Drift Round 3 Final Here I Come!

Posted in Travelling on September 18, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I’ve booked my MAS ticket last month, I’ll be flying over to KL early morning on 9th October, and I’ll be heading straight down to Melaka in a friend’s ride.

All the Star Drift rounds for 2009 so far have been held in A’Famosa resort, Melaka.  First I was told that the venue was going to be the new Go Kart track called MIMC which is also in Melaka, but in the end they’ve decided to switch it back to A’Famosa again, for whatever reason, I do not know, but either one would be awesome to me since I never been to either place anyways!

I’ll be going to Star Drift alone, my wife and my son won’t be following, Darren is still a little too young (he’s 5 months old now) to be brought around outdoors.  Aside from the fact that this would be my first ever Star Drift event that I’d be attending to, I’d also be helping out for the event, in whatever post or duties I do not know yet at this moment, but I’m sure I can handle anything that’s been thrown at me.  The point of my voluntary work for the event is that I’d be getting free accommodation!  Now that’d save me some expenses, haha!  (I have very limited money to spend these days, so I gotta spend WISELY! LOL!)

Ever since I’ve graduated and came back to Sibu, I’ve been eager to check out the progress of the current drift scene, because I know how much things have changed compared to the old times, I can tell from the pictures and videos that our drifters from W. Malaysia have improved heaps throughout the years, plus the cars been built nowadays are way sicker than before too, I just can’t wait to check all those out in October!

I’ll try to get myself a decent digicam since I don’t have one at the moment, so that I’d be able to snap some pictures of my long awaited Star Drift experience, as a helper, from the sidelines.  My return flight would be on 12th October, which would be on an early Monday morning.

Louis, are you in KL or JB now? Wanna go down to Melaka together for Star Drift? hehe…

For more info on Star Drift round 3 Final, check it out at DCM > Click Me!

Travelling… choices…

Posted in Travelling on July 18, 2009 by Stanley Carter

I’ve been thinking about travelling lately, well not to a foreign country, but still within Malaysia, for the sake of Drifting of course!

Star Drift Championship round 3 is going to take place at Bukit Jalil this October, and Formula Drift Malaysia will be happening as well at the end of the year at December.  Both of these events will take place in Kuala Lumpur, which is good as I can stay at my brother’s place for the time being… If I were to go there of course.

The only thing that bothers me are the ticket fares, I’ve only checked AirAsia so far and it seems that the trip on October would be more cost-saving, while the December one would probably cost me RM300+ or more.  Looks like I might have a bigger chance of flying over to KL this October for Star Drift round 3 then, hehe~

Aside from attending the drift events in KL, I’ve also been thinking about driving my Charmant to different places in Sarawak, such as Sarikei, Bintulu, Miri or even Kuching.  Last I heard, Kuching has this small scaled go kart track which is abandoned, but is full packed with enthusiasts who ran their souped up rides during the weekends, now that SOUNDS interesting, I’m currently waiting for a friend of mine to snap a few pictures of the place, I’m just so eager to drive my Charmant in a real track (even though its just a tiny go kart track, LOL!).  Speaking of go kart tracks, remember last time I used to mention another abandoned track in Sarikei, well unfortunately I still haven’t bothered to visit the place just yet, as I was just too concerned on the fact that I might not be able to drive my car into it, you never know right?  But we’ll see in the near future…