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Just so you know…

Posted in Sibu Drifting on January 7, 2012 by Stanley Carter

I had a blast just now drifting with the new increased steering angle, everytime I pushed to an angle which I felt I was gonna spin, there’s that additional ‘turn’ on the steering which allowed me to catch it and thus maintaining the drift, that… felt SOOOO AWESOME!!

My friend Luke from Bintulu drop by to Sibu today and so we met up and the usual place, he did record some in car footage though but I doubt that’d be anymore interesting compared to outside footage, will try to get some next time if possible.

I’m so happy now, yep, yep!


Dramatic Sunday Afternoon

Posted in Sibu Drifting on August 15, 2011 by Stanley Carter

So a young guy found me on Facebook and asked if I could teach him how to drift, I’m way too excited to know there’s more drift enthusiasts in Sibu, so how could I said no?  So after a couple weeks of delays, we’ve finally met up on last Sunday’s afternoon, at my usual playground of course.

I was the first one to arrived at the place, and the first thing I’ve noticed was… FIRE!!  The roadside is all covered by small trees and bushes, and they’re on fire, I observed for few minutes then proceeded to park my car at some place which I think was safe, after a while, more friends arrived (the ones that I’ve invited) and we decided to go take a video of the fire…

The fire wasn’t really out of control or something, but we were disappointed at how ‘efficient’ our local fire department responds to the incident… The fire rescuers finally arrived on the scene after more than 30 minutes, so during the time waiting, we decided to go along our business, it’s drift time no matter what.

The usual R/C planers arrived earlier that day as well, so we had no choice but to move our playground further down the runway, we settled ourselves at the far end of the track where there’s a mini layout been painted on the tarmac, it’s obviously for R/C cars, but we didn’t paid much attention to it, I immediately unload all my equipments and tires, got my racing gloves on, called the boy onto my passenger seat and off I go to burn some cheap*ss tires!

Drifting down the main straight

Charmant sideways

One of my favourite shots

More Charmant sideways

Charmant cooling down and pose for some shots

There were some small hiccups on my Charmant, whenever I did some hard weight transfers down the main straight, my car would suddenly stall and went dead, a brief check on the engine and it was clear that my plug cable was disconnected, I re-plug it in and continued to drift, but then the same would happen after a couple more throws, the engine stalls kept occurring to a point where I got so annoyed that I’ve decided to pull out my trusty cable tie and tie’d up the cable, and no more engine stalls after some hard weight transfers, cable tie FTW!

While we were minding our own business, when suddenly, one of the R/C planers, a middle aged uncle shouted at us, calling us over, I drove my car over, rolled down my window, and I was bombarded by this uncle on how I shouldn’t be drifting on the R/C race track as he thinks I might’ve ruined the paints, I re-affirmed with the uncle and I was surprised there were still R/C car players active, although the uncle was quite furious, I did apologized to him as well as all his friends.  Aside from that, I also managed to convinced him that we may continue to have our drifting session going as long as we’re not intruding their R/C plan take-off/landing zone as well as the R/C race track, that leaves us with mere 30 metres of runway only, it sucked I know but since we’re still early, I decided to play on for a little longer.

A few donuts and figure 8s, I started to get bored, so I slowly drove back to my ‘pit’ area to cool down as well as change my tires, little did I expect a Police Waja suddenly drove past me at pretty high speed, then yanked it’s E-brake, after making a 90 degree turn, he continued to stomp on the gas pedal and attempted somewhat of a donut right in front of me (albeit a failed attempt), as soon as he’s done, he drove away immediately, I can clearly see the faces of all three policemen inside the vehicle, and three of them were all giggling at me, I was obviously in a WTF state, obviously they have noticed me a while ago since they were already on site assisting the fire rescue, but the fact that they came down and fool around was totally un-expected, me and my friends were all laughing our *sses off, good times, somehow it also reminded me how I always seemed to attract the authorities no matter where I drift… *gulp*

Alright, so first we had fire incidents, then we got scolded by an uncle for drifting on their so called ‘territory’, followed by a Police vehicle attempting to drift, what’s next?  Well while I was changing my tires, we heard an high pitch engine noise, we looked up onto the sky and we saw a yellow plane soaring at high speeds, it’s a Jet Engine plane, awesome!  We were admiring the noise and speed the plane makes, in less than 5 minutes of flight, we saw a little spark coming from the plane, and the second you knew it, it went KABOOM!! The fibre body parts all scattered mid-air and fallen right into the wild bushes, everyone went silent and so do all the R/C planers.  Upon confirmation with one of the guys, that plane costs more than RM10k alone, and to saw it literally ‘vaporized’ mid-air, I can never imagined how painful it must’ve felt if I was the owner, but on the other hand, if I managed to spend that much on a R/C toy, it might not have been such a big impact either, who knows…

So there you have it, a dramatic Sunday afternoon experienced first hand by me and a group of friends, before we all left, we decided to take some more photos of our cars:

1GTE Cresta vs 4AGE AE70 vs 4AGE Charmant

1GTE Cresta vs 4AGE AE70 vs 4AGE Charmant

The 1GTE Cresta just welded his axle couple weeks back and he show off a couple of donuts, with the bigger and better tires plus the bigger power, he managed to create quite a smoke show for the rest of us.  The AE70 though still HADN’T drifted yet, and the owner had decided to sell his AE70 for a black top AE111, can’t say I was disappointed, but I already saw it coming.

Anyway, I had a blast and I’m looking forward to more sessions like this in the near future, hopefully with more drifters joining me!

Getting Acquainted with an Altezza

Posted in Sibu Drifting on February 26, 2011 by Stanley Carter

2 years ago, I made a new friend with a guy that drives an Altezza that so happens to be a big fan of drifting as well.  Needless to say, we met up a couple times and exchanged some usual chit chats on the topic of drift.

His Altezza comes totally bone stock with automatic transmission, I’ve drifted his Altezza before, it was easy to control but hard to maintain a drift due to the automatic transmission.  We had fun back then, after a while, he started travelling a lot and spent most of his time at West Malaysia due to his business requirement.  The Altezza is still in Sibu though, only to be driven by his wife.

So last week, he took a week off from his work and came back to Sibu, called me up and next thing we know, we’re already at the usual drift playground, getting ready for some action.

Toyota Altezza

Our first session started at a rainy afternoon on Saturday, after I unloaded all my gears and tires, I made a few warm up runs, after that, it was his time to show off.

Friend getting ready to drift!

My friend started out performing donuts, but he was struggling to maintain the drift, he would either spin out or understeered after half or at most 1 full cycle.  I gave him a few tips and even drove his car to demonstrate how it should be done, and then it was back to him driving again.  Here’s a video of some of his attempts:

The weather was great, the rain was stopping soon with small drizzles, it was cool and refreshing, coupling up with the sound of my 4AGE and the 3SGE engine roars, what a great way to start the weekend!

After some non stop donut training, my friend decided to take a break, and it was time for me to crank up my Charmant and have some fun as well!

Grass Cutter?

As you can see from the picture above, I got a bit too close with the grass along side the runway, since this is my only playground in Sibu, I tend to push more nowadays, after all, there’s no wall to hit, no pressure!

Another view of the 'incident'... LOL!

Before we arrive the place, I did called up some old friends, while most of them were no show, one familiar face did show up…

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II with Evo III kit

This is the same guy that let me drift his Lancer quite a while back, which I did featured it in an old post.  Unfortunately, this same car was crashed after lending it to a friend of his who was drunk driving, not only was the front part of the car totalled, both the driver and the passenger were also injured, lucky for them it was nothing serious as there’s only few cuts and bruises.  The culprit obviously had to pay for everything, so the owner decided to have everything fixed, bodywork re-done, new black paint and also a new 4G63T engine as well.

However, after the car was rebuilt, the owner had lost interest in drift, I can’t really blame him since 4WD was never an ideal platform for drifting anyways.  After the usual get along conversation, the Evo friend left early as he had some personal business to attend to.  Our session soon ended as well, and it’s time to head back home and continue the fun the next day!

My gear and tires

On the following Sunday, it was another drizzly afternoon and I arrived early.  As usual, I unloaded all my stuff and got myself warmed up first.  Soon after my friend arrived, its back to the usual plan again.

Altezza ready to go out for another round

The Altezza owner did better on this day, managing to hold some pretty smooth donuts but still wasn’t that much consistent, I’ve recorded a short video though:

From the video it’s obvious that the driver needs more work on throttle control, but it’s definitely tougher for him since the car is in wacky auto, if only the car comes in manual transmission and a clutch pedal, things would be a whole lot better, or probably easier too!

The sun re-appeared sooner on this day and the road got dry a lot sooner than we expected, and that means the Altezza would be struggling hard to maintain wheelspin.  From that time on, it was all on me and my Charmant.  Here’s a video that my friend took while he was in my car, check out the messy steering work:

Managed to rip some Avanza tires

Rubber tied onto the wheel hub

I killed all 4 of the Avanza tires that Sia gave me for free, and also made quite a mess to my engine bay again as I forgot to check my oil catch bottle… it was full!  I had to cut off the cable ties and pour all the oil back into my 4AGE, re-tie the bottle back to the location with more cable ties… After that, it was time to go home.  One thing for sure though, I’ll need to service my 4AGE very, very soon!

Drifting with 14″ Tires

Posted in Sibu Drifting on January 31, 2011 by Stanley Carter

Not just any usual sized 14″ tires, but the ones from the Toyota Avanza, which comes in 185/70/R14!  Now that’s what I call fat! LOL!

Anyhow, Sia called me up 2 days ago and told me he had 4 Avanza tires that he needed to get rid of, so I’m the first guy he thought of contacting, wise choice my friend, wise choice indeed.  While I visited his home to pick up the tires, I also spent a good 10~20 minutes checking out his monster spec AE86, but I’ll get to that in my next post.


Charmant rocking 185/70/R14 tires at the rear

After I got my tires, I went straight to my usual playground, called up a new friend whom has been bugging me to give him a drift ride or two, and began my long awaited drift session!

Drifting on 14″ tires was definitely a first for me, I didn’t knew what to expect, but that uncertainty feeling disappeared as soon as I popped my clutch in first gear, ‘Hey it’s pretty much the same!’.  And so I went and did a couple of donuts and figure 8s in first gear, just to get myself warmed up.

After feeling more comfortable, it was time to move up to 2nd gear and do some choku doris down the straightaway.  Now the 1st gear was piece of cake, but doing it in 2nd gear was way different, I was having a hard time to snap my rear out with barely any angle, without any Ebrake to assist me, I tried hard on clutch kicking, feint and also power over (worst technique to attempt in this situation though, LOL!) and somehow none of the techniques felt right.  When I did managed to get in some good angles, I’d usually spun at the following transition, ewww!

After 5 minutes of non stop attempts in some louzy ass choku doris, I noticed that my water temp gauge is not working, I parked my car at the side and got down to check on my engine, and the view was shocking!  I have oil ALL OVER my engine bay, I was petrified!  The first thought that came to mind was “OH MOTHERF*CK! HAVE I JUST BLOWN MY 3RD ENGINE, AGAIN!!??”

But thank god that was not the case, I knew there’s something wrong, but the engine was still running very smooth and healthily at the time, so I was suspecting it could be a loosen fuel hose or something, but I just don’t know where the leak was, I quickly packed up my tires and gears and drove straight to my mechanic for help.


Messy and greasy engine bay

The picture above doesn’t show much justice on how messy it was as I snapped this the day after the incident… Anyhow, back to the story!  After a quick check from my mech, he told me the leak came from this…


The yellow hose is actually hanging loose to the bottom end of the engine bay

Notice the yellow hose coming out from my valve cover?  Well that was supposed to connect to my intake manifold, the one where I have a brown hose tucked on it…


The yellow hose supposed to go to the Intake Manifold!

Since I’ve modded my intake manifold, the 2 holes are now misaligned and although I can still connect them both with the current hose, it would not be wise.  And that’s why my mech decided to simply point my hose towards the bottom, as he didn’t expect my driving would spill oil all over the engine bay!  Another possible reason could be the fact that I’m now running higher fuel pressure from my regulator, which sorta made the matter worse, I guess…. (someone please correct me or my mech if both of us are extremely wrong!)

Long story short, I am in urgent need of an Oil Catch tank if I wish to do more drifting, oh and about the water temp gauge not working problem, it was just my sensor socket came loose, LOL!

In the end, I’m glad it wasn’t much of a serious issue, thank god!

The soon to be drifter wannabe… crashed!

Posted in Sibu Drifting on May 15, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Drift ready Corolla

Remember my earlier post on the Black AE70 that my friend bought last month?  Well, I have bad news, the moment the owner got the car out of his workshop, it crashed.

I didn’t phoned up my friend, but from the SMS that we exchanged, it seemed like my friend was too eager to test drift the car right after it’s free to leave the workshop, bad idea.

“Sorry, I thought drifting wasn’t that hard”

That’s what he said in one of his SMS.

I feel bad for him, yet I’m angered at his stupidity as well.  You spent a hefty amount of money to finally bought a car that you desired, had it fixed and you’ve decided it’s a good idea to try drift it, on the public streets!  The hell?

If you’ve been to Sibu, you know how bad our road conditions are, and some of them are tight, my friend attempted to drift at a small roundabout, once the car started to skid, he panicked and lost control of the car, the AE70 started to snap between directions violently, and finally crashed into oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, the accident was minor, aside from some cosmetic damages to both of the cars, both drivers were fine, my friend was lucky that he get to settle the problem personally with the victim instead of dealing it in the Police station.

He should’ve looked for me in the first place before he considers drifting the car on the streets, causing harm to others.  Without ANY experience at all, he should’ve at least get some practise at my usual playground, where its wide, empty and plenty of runoffs.  I would’ve been so glad to have teach, and share my knowledge, and techniques with him.

Just when I thought my future drift partner is right around the corner, it’s now slipped away again, the car is now back to the workshop once more, and drilling deeper holes to my friend’s wallet…. what more can I say?  Served him right, and hope he learnt his lessons.

Lonely Sunday Morning Drift

Posted in Sibu Drifting on May 2, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Last weekend, it rained for a while, the weather was breezy, perfect for drifting, and since I don’t have any real drifter friends in Sibu, I’ve decided to go have a little fun, by myself, as most of the time!

I had 1 tire that was slightly damaged during my last session in which it is now leaking air, so I’ve decided to pump it up and tear it up for good, I still got a few set of spares anyways.

While I was at it, the Charmant felt great, the wet surface contributed to some real smooth drifts and transitions, this time I focused mainly on Manji’ing down the airstrip straight, and improving my steering work.

After some 10 to 20 minutes of on and off drifting, it’s time to change the f*cked tires and go home…

Charmant tire changing

Used tire, could've abused it more...

The entire session only lasted for a very short while, not more than 30 minutes I think, well that’s how it is when all you get to do is drift alone.

Till next time I guess, in the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep Sibu drifting spirit strong! ^^


Posted in Sibu Drifting on March 24, 2010 by Stanley Carter

When you’re too lazy to change your tires after a drift session and thought that you can still make it to a Gas station… this might just happen:


I was lucky I actually MADE it to the Gas station despite on the fact that my I can feel that one of my rear wheels is trembling, I’d knew my tire was dead flat, I slowly crawled to a halt in the Gas station, ignorantly parked at an inconvenience spot and had to explain to the staff of my situation when they’re about to call me off.

Full story, here goes, I called up a couple of friends for a mini drift session at my usual playground, after several minutes past, we took rest, then I noticed that one of my rear tire is losing air, being a lazy*ss as I was, I thought I can still make it to a nearby Gas station and pump it up, then return for more drifts till I can blow it up for good, but just when I was like 20m away from reaching the Gas station, the tire gave way, leaving my Charmant crawling on the rim only… I know, ouch!

What’s worse was that I left all my tools and spare tires at the playground, I was lucky I called up some friends, so I called them to carry those stuffs over while I continued to cause more inconvenience to the station workers, haha!

Anyways, after my tire was changed, we headed back for more drifting, but since I was still the only one drifting, I got bored pretty fast, this is the downside of not having any companions in the sport that you love, you don’t get much motivation to keep going, enthusiasm fail indeed.  Sigh!