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My Favorite Drift Drivers…

Posted in Random on March 16, 2010 by Stanley Carter

..are Nobuteru Taneguchi, Manabu Orido and Yasuyuki Kazama…

However, I’m not here to talk about how awesome these 3 drivers are, I’m here to share 2 videos I’ve found on YouTube yesterday, which I thought are real cool, check’em out!

First, Orido drifting his D1-spec Aristo with other D1 drivers, the video emphasizes on his footwork, cool shit!

And second, it’s not much, but it showcases NOB’s personal street driven 180sx, very CLEAN and purposeful, me likes a lot!

Don’t you just love YouTube?  I think it’s the next best thing after Google, it’s amazing how much content you can find and watch thanks to YouTube though.  ^^


PC Gaming

Posted in Random on September 26, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Slightly off topic here, but I’ve been playing this awesome shooter “Dead Space” for the past couple of months, scared the shit outta me and I enjoyed every bit of the game, I’ve just beaten the game last night and uninstalled it immediately, reason being that I’ve just got my hands on 3 new games, which are Resident Evil 5, NFS: Shift and Batman.

I first tried to install NFS: Shift, after several fail attempts, I’ve decided I should try RE5, which surprisingly, also doesn’t work on my Vista.  My rig and my Vista are literally crap right now, having just got myself some new games, and I can’t even get them properly installed or start up on my pc!  This is truly frustrating, felt like nuking my stupid PC.  This is the time when you thought to yourself… ah… how I wish I have the money to go buy a brand new PC… sweeet… *cough cough*

Anyhow, I’m considering upgrading to Windows 7, hopefully it’ll solve some of the weird compatibility issues I’ve been experiencing with Vista.

And back on the blog’s main topic… I’ll be driving my Charmant to a workshop for the Engine compression test, hopefuly the damage is minor and easy to repair… *gulp*

MINE’S on Kenari!?

Posted in Random on September 9, 2009 by Stanley Carter

This is what I saw on the streets of Sibu few days back….

This Kelisa is fully loaded... LOL!!!

This Kelisa is fully loaded... LOL!!!

… the driver must be out of his mind, not only is that a ‘Mine’s’ sticker, there’s also a ‘Recaro’ when I see that he still rocking the stock Kenari seats, and not forgetting the RS-R sticker too, maybe he’s using some RS-R parts?  Who knows….

But I can assure you this dude right here have NONE of those goodies on his pathetic Kenari, I bet he doesn’t even know what those stickers really mean, he might be sticking’em up on his car because he thinks they look cool or something, this is a terrible thing that a lot of drivers in Sibu tend to do though, sticking TOTALLY IRELLEVANT stickers on their fucking stock cars!!

Before I end my rant, I present you another ignorant driver….

Yes, this IS a Wira...

Yes, this IS a Wira...


Been busy

Posted in Random on August 22, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Been busy on little things.

Haven’t got time to work on my car, as I’m pretty much broke soon after I got my paycheck, LOL!

Anyways, been working on another wedding presentation for a good buddy of mine, will post it up here for all of you to see once I’m done, stay tune for September.

Oh and it seems like the tentative date for KL’s Star Drift Challenge Round 3 is announced, but I’ll wait till next week when the confirmed date is announced, then I’ll book my flight tickets.

And btw, was browsing Speedhunters and I came accross their latest video, Vaughn Gittin JR’s in car experience, check it out!

It’s freakin awesome, but I suggest you go to their website to check out the HD version, worth the loading time!

How convenient!

Posted in Random on August 10, 2009 by Stanley Carter

You know most car enthusiast can spent countless hours just on their cars, whether it’s upgrading, fixing, or even washing.  But not for a lazy*ss like me though…

I went to my usual playground to meet up with a drifter friend from Kuching, and gladly drifted with him for quite a while under the hot blazing sun on a really hazy afternoon.



After we’re done, I then drove home with a really dirty car, and it was then I thought to myself “hmmm… I haven’t washed my Charmant for almost a month now..” Just when I was about to get myself wet, I remembered that a car wash shop was just a few doorsteps away from my house, it’s the one that suituapui visited before, and so I’ve decided to give it a try (lame excuse for being lazy, LOL!)

Charmant car wash

Charmant car wash

It’s really convenient to have your neighbor as a car washer, since I can just leave my car there, and walk back home to take my shower, had my dinner, then walk back to get my cleaned ride, awesome!

Street Drifting is never legal, including Japan!

Posted in Random on August 5, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Probably some out there might think street drifting in Japan is fine since it got featured heavily on tons of magazines, DVDs and even youtube. But hey, here’s the wakup call, following is the article I’ve just read from Wrecked Magazine:

“Drifting reached the national news in Japan over the weekend after a huge sting was put down on street drifting. The meet was at Oi wharf over in Tokyo’s Ota ward and the police came down hard last night. Over 130 cars were busted and 64 people were arrested according to the reports we have had translated for us. The story is circling around Japan’s mainstream media today!”

And here’s the news video (very short) from Japan covering the event:

Boring July…

Posted in Random on July 16, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Not much interesting stuff to share lately, except for this hardcore old schooler that I spot the other day:

Hard core old school driver

Hard core old school driver

Looking at those rust, and all those items stuffed on top of the vehicle, I’m not sure how long the car could hold, but one thing for sure, the driver must be one of those pasar malam taukehs, hehe….

Apart from spending a lot of time at home taking care of my baby boy (yes, my wife likes to go out a LOT!), I’ve been playing this PC horror game named ‘Dead Space’.

Dead Space

Dead Space

The game was pretty f*cking awesome, but it was scary as hell, I got freaked out so many times playing this awesome game, now I’m at chapter 6 and trying my very best to finish it as soon as possible, since I still have some games left to be played, such as Fallout 3.

Guess that’s what happens when you spent too much time at home, all you can do is play computer games, heh.