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I’m FINALLY ENTERED Miri Go Kart Track – 3 July 2018

Posted in Boost Automotive Sports Club (BASC), Events, Lutong Drag Motorsports Club (LDMC), Personal, Sarawak Drift Tracks on March 24, 2020 by Stanley Carter

I’ve said it before many many times, I’ve been DREAMING of entering this iconic and the ONLY race track in the entire Sarawak, albeit it’s just a tiny track designed for Go Karts, but it’s built to International standard, the track width itself is definitely sufficient for time attack events, even for Drift, like how many other places have done so with their Go Kart tracks!

Anyways, before we depart home after the legendary event just yesterday , both LDMC and BASC President, Andy Wong, had managed to convince some inside contacts of the track management and all of us were given a once of a life time opportunity to drive our cars into the track for a SHORT while, when I got the news, I literally went CRAZY and overhyped with excitement and joy!  Let the photos speak for themselves!

We weren’t allowed to race or drift in the track, and all of us weren’t intended to spoil our future chance of utilizing this track further for Sarawak motorsport events, so all of us were very, very good and compliant good boys, we’ve hung out for an hour or so, took some awesome and sweet group photos as seen above, also faked a wall ride drifting photo as suggested by Yoong, it was hilarious!

This, was, an HISTORICAL moment for all of us involved, and according to Alan, LDMC and Jagjeet, there’s a lot more in plans for this great track in Miri, you’ll see, very very soon!

Short Family Trip to Kuching – 1 to 4 Jun 2018

Posted in Personal, Travelling on March 22, 2020 by Stanley Carter

It was the Gawai holidays, so me and my wife decided to bring all 3 of our elder sons on a road trip to Kuching, since the first ever Sarawak Samariang Waterpark was recently opened, I was very eager to bring all my boys there to check it out, and we weren’t disappointed too, despite the large crowd, the facilities were very nice and fun, and best of all, the prices are very reasonable too.

It was a very relaxing yet fruitful family trip for us, we stayed in a nice AirBnB apartment adjacent to the Vivacity mall, had some great meals, went to check out Dinosaur workshop, the upside down house as well as few iconic Kuching localities.

Proud milestones in my Career – 30 May 2018

Posted in Personal on March 22, 2020 by Stanley Carter

First there was this annual Director’s plantation visit and Zumida Oil Palm Sdn. Bhd. was selected, the plantation in which I’m currently managing, below is a photo of me doing brief presentation on how technology is incorporated into the FFB grading streamlining process.

Secondly, another Company, Ta Ann Pelita Durin Plantation Sdn. Bhd., declared its first ever Dividend as a NCR Oil Palm JV project on its 9th year, sharing the profit with all the project landowners, atmosphere was great and we’re glad and also very proud to be a part of all this, well done to everyone involved, hard work pays off for sure!

This marks my 12th year in this Company, no regrets, it’s been a privileged and honored journey for sure!