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Lain Kali Lah!

Posted in Personal, Random on May 9, 2013 by Stanley Carter

Bad week.

Malaysia didn’t managed to ubah after all, however it did seem to unite all Malaysians more, I guess that’s a good thing, just check out the insane crowd that turned out at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night, it was mind blowing!

Anyways, politics aside… here’s another bad news, apparently the MEMC car time attack has been SACKED, there’s a pretty long story behind and may even be political related, but I’m too lazy to go into the details, simply put, some motherfuckers are making a fuss about the event and unfortunately they got their wish, IMO these mofos better step down and give others a chance to help the Sarawak motorsport scene grow, seriously, we barely have any legitimate motorsport events here, and I believe there’s HUGE potential for Sarawak, too bad there’s fuckers are mostly around fucking things up when they all should be working together to help the sport grow and bloom.

Enough ranting, I’m done for the post, till next time!


Posted in Personal, Random on February 13, 2012 by Stanley Carter

No worries, I’ve got it all covered!

My lovely wife and 2 sons with the roses.

It’s still early though, but meh…Happy Valentines to y’all!

Nov 2011 update

Posted in Personal on November 20, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I could’ve had something more worthy to post here today, but something happened… my elder son was admitted to a local medical center last night in a very bad shape, we were worried crazy, however, despite the crazy bill that came up later, the professionalism, care and service provided were satisfactory and my son was successfully discharged from the center feeling a whole lot better, and we were sooo relieved!

So what was I planning today?  Long story short, autocross layout test run!  Me and a couple of buddies have been fooling around an idea on organizing a very first autocross event for the motor enthusiast in Sibu, I managed to come up with this simple layout:

Sibu Autocross layout draft ver.1

Me and another mate have sourced our unused tires and were ready to transport them from the tire shop straight to our venue and setup this track for testing, but it was postponed last minute due to my son’s incident which I’ve mentioned above.  Rest assured we will resume our test session very soon, so stay tuned for my updates, if you’re actually interested, LOL!

What else? Well I bought myself an angle kit which I’ve yet to have it installed, and to those of you that may not know, I’m now a father of two!  My 2nd son was born 2 months ago, say hi to the world Delvin!



Posted in Personal on July 20, 2011 by Stanley Carter

How long has I been missing? Well…AFAIK it still ain’t as long as Edgar back when he was missing from his blog for more than a year or so, LOL! (I kid I kid)  Anyways, do check out his blog sometime, he has been planning a turbo upgrade for his super clean Charmant.

So… long story short, the reason for the lack of post is just that, nothing has been going on with my Charmant nor my 4AGE, everything is working fine and I’ve been driving it every weekend.  Speaking of which, I even drove my Charmant for a decent trip (200+km) to Tanjung Manis Belawai Beach for picnic, I’m surprised the journey was pretty pleasant, I’ve been hitting 160~170km/h, albeit quite a bit of steering tremble which might be my alignment (hasn’t done any alignment for more than a year) and tires (different tires left and right, and extensively used!).  I gotta admit though, the majority of my pleasant drive was thanks to the newly developed roads, although there’s a clear sign that the road condition has been degrading since, my friends who drove these roads constantly told me that it used to be much better earlier this year, I guess that’s how Sarawak road quality goes….

On a side note, me and a bunch of friends are currently in the midst of preparing the very first event for our small little hometown, we’re thinking of doing a small, simple Autocross practise session since not many are into RWD so doing a drift session is pretty irrelevant at the moment.  It’s still early and we still hadn’t made much progress, but if this thing gets a GO from the authorities, rest assured I’ll be updating more about it right here! (as if anyone really cares about Sibu, LOL!)

Happy Belated Valentines!

Posted in Car stuff, Cool Stuffs, Personal on February 15, 2011 by Stanley Carter

I know I’m a day late, but that’s not really the point as I’ve already celebrated my Valentines last week.  Like I’ve mentioned before, me and my wife are not a fan of the ridiculously priced dinner sets, and so we went to Cafe Cafe (as usual, it’s my wife’s favorite restaurant) and had a great meal for less than RM50!

Now while everyone were brainstorming on what to do for their special Valentine, I was busy doing some pretty interesting stuffs during the weekend.  First off, I finally got myself a temporary Oil Catch bottle to counter the Engine oil spill issue, I bought some new fuel hoses, cable ties and a few clips, plus a free drinking bottle that I received from my company’s Christmas Party last year, it’s done:

DIY oil catch bottle (temporary solution)
DIY oil catch bottle (temporary solution)

You can see there’s no return hose going back into my intake, hence I’m only using cable tie, if there was to be more oil spilled after my hard driving sessions, I can simply cut them loose and pour the oil back into my 4AGE again.  At least I don’t have to worry about messing up my Engine bay again (it’s already a mess now anyways…).

After I got my DIY oil catch problem settled, I visited the Sibu Gateway on a hot Sunday afternoon to check out some local R/C drifting action…

Sibu R/C Drift Cars Lineup
Group photo of the organizers and drivers (small crowd)

And here’s a video that I shot during the practice session:

Also made a couple new friends of the R/C drifter group, I asked some of them if they ever thought about venturing into the real car drifting scene, unfortunately only one showed interest and he’s already in a look out for a clean KE70 for his first drift car build, for the rest though, they are there to play R/C drifting for a reason, real car drifting needs a heck lot more commitment and money in order to achieve the actual level of fun they are having right now.  Still, I am very envy of them, simply on the fact that they had a gang of their own, setup a club for the Sibu R/C drift scene, and even held 1-2 events monthly!  Now when can the real car drifting do the same in Sibu?

Fuckin robbers

Posted in Personal on October 23, 2010 by Stanley Carter

My sister’s purse got snatched away few hours ago, and it all happened in my house.

All of us were having our lunch, I left home earlier as I got some other business to attend to, I left the gate open as I knew my sister was about to leave as well, but what I didn’t knew was that she went upstairs to use my computer for a while since her two daughters were still eating at the living room, and yet somehow she decided to just leave the gate opened. Just few minutes after I left, a stranger suddenly walks into our home (our main door was closed but it wasn’t locked) with his slippers on, he looked over my sister’s daughters and grinned (according to my niece, he was making a clown-ish expression), he then left a letter on the nearest table (I assumed he was trying to pretend as a postman?), walked towards the nearest sofa where my sister left her purse at, grabbed and started running to his motorcycle! It was only then my nieces knew the guy was actually a robber/thieve, they rushed upstairs to my sister while crying for help, when my sister got down the stranger had already flee.

My sister didn’t lost much as she only had RM40++ in her purse, there were some cards but she had disabled all of them right after. However, we do feel extremely fortunate that the robber was only aiming for the purse, and not the kids! Just imagine how disastrous it’d be if he or them were to do something to the little ones, and my sister were upstairs!

This is not the first time that had happened in our home, as my sister had had her phone snatched before while she was bathing her youngest son in the bathroom, and yes, she left the door wide open! (the gate was closed but not locked). I’m sure after this second encounter, she’d learn her lesson and always close and lock the gates/doors at all times.

This definitely raised our awareness on the safety and security in our neighborhood, guess all we could do now is just be that extra more careful. Again, we’re lucky no one was hurt. Fuckin robbers!

October randomness!

Posted in Personal on October 1, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Plenty happened in September for me though, I successfully organized a kick-ass company trip to Similajau National Park, I’ve also celebrated my Birthday as well as my missus, along with many other stuffs that I got myself fairly busied throughout the entire month, hence the lack of updates.

Anyways, I did sorta snapped some random pics of some interesting rides I saw on Sibu streets during the month of September…


AE70 coupe

And while I was sending my car to the workshop, I spotted this ‘amazing’ turbo pipe work…


That’s it for my random pics, now onto more personal updates, if you’re wondering how’s my Charmant doing right now, here’s a pic that basically says it all:

4AGE disassembled..again...

More updates coming soon…