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Miri Go Kart Track Testing – 21st Oct 2018

Posted in Lutong Drag Motorsports Club (LDMC), Sarawak Drift Tracks on September 13, 2020 by Stanley Carter

LDMC is on its track in acquiring the permits to host its first ever time attack event at the ONLY Go Kart track in Sarawak, the event date was tentatively scheduled by the end of the year, however, Sidewayz Squad was lucky enough to be one of the outsiders to be invited to do some in track test driving, without any hesitation of course, most of us said YES immediately and we’re more than excited to help out!

Due to personal circumstances, I was unable to drive my Daihatsu Charmant, but I did followed my Bintulu squad members in their rides to Miri. We’ve arrived early in the morning and after breakfast, we proceeded to Hon Sheng for some dyno runs.

After the dyno runs and lunch break, we’ve proceeded straight to the track as it’s now opened for the unofficial test session. LDMC did a short brief of what NOT to do in the track, one of them is of course = Drifting. We’re kinda expected it but considering it’s our first time being able to drive HARD in the track, we’re still very stoked.

My first couple of laps in the track were with Ngo in his green NA AE70, since the car’s setup for drift, there’s some occasional oversteer here and there at corner exits but that’s acceptable by the organizers, as long as it’s not done deliberately, LOL!

The ‘good boys’ driving didn’t last long though, some of us got naughty and did longer slides at some corners, to our surprise, we received cheers from the spectators from the pit stands, and more importantly, no black flag from the organizer, hence we sorta treated that as the ‘green light’ to just go wild, and when I say go wild, Sidewayz Squad really goes WILD!

Our Sibu member, Andy Huang, piloting in his red 180sx, was the only driver who successfully drifted the entire half track and managed to connect all corners too, the run was epic! Right after Andy’s epic runs, the situation was getting a bit out of hand so the Marshal finally waived at us to stop.

At the end of the day all of us had a BLAST in the test track session, it was an experience of a life time and we can’t wait to come back for more in Sarawak’s first ever Time Attack event, very soon in couple more months!

I’m FINALLY ENTERED Miri Go Kart Track – 3 July 2018

Posted in Boost Automotive Sports Club (BASC), Events, Lutong Drag Motorsports Club (LDMC), Personal, Sarawak Drift Tracks on March 24, 2020 by Stanley Carter

I’ve said it before many many times, I’ve been DREAMING of entering this iconic and the ONLY race track in the entire Sarawak, albeit it’s just a tiny track designed for Go Karts, but it’s built to International standard, the track width itself is definitely sufficient for time attack events, even for Drift, like how many other places have done so with their Go Kart tracks!

Anyways, before we depart home after the legendary event just yesterday , both LDMC and BASC President, Andy Wong, had managed to convince some inside contacts of the track management and all of us were given a once of a life time opportunity to drive our cars into the track for a SHORT while, when I got the news, I literally went CRAZY and overhyped with excitement and joy!  Let the photos speak for themselves!

We weren’t allowed to race or drift in the track, and all of us weren’t intended to spoil our future chance of utilizing this track further for Sarawak motorsport events, so all of us were very, very good and compliant good boys, we’ve hung out for an hour or so, took some awesome and sweet group photos as seen above, also faked a wall ride drifting photo as suggested by Yoong, it was hilarious!

This, was, an HISTORICAL moment for all of us involved, and according to Alan, LDMC and Jagjeet, there’s a lot more in plans for this great track in Miri, you’ll see, very very soon!

Miri Gymkhana and Drift Challenge R2 – 1 to 2 July 2018

Posted in Events, Lutong Drag Motorsports Club (LDMC), Sidewayz Squad on March 24, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Super loooong post coming, there’s a lot to tell from this event, now where do I start? Hmmmm….

Alan and his LDMC gang, as well as the likes of Michael Wee and Johnny, had been the main driving force behind the Gymkhana and Drift scene for Miri, ever since Round 1, all of them had been very hard at work in getting Round 2 to be ready, and boy when I say they had to went through a whole lot of SHIT, I mean it… let me just break it down for y’all…

  1. R2 was initially planned at Lutong Old Airport Runway, unfortunately the venue was already owned by Shin Yang and they’ve decided to send in Excavators to level the place up for new constructions project, there goes the perfect venue for a Gymkhana/Drift event;
  2. With Lutong airport out of the option, they laid their eyes on Boulevard Shopping Mall 2nd car park, where most of the fairs and outdoor conventions are held, the area is wide and spacious, but surface ain’t that smooth and there’s quite a lot of debris that needed cleaning up, but here comes the problem, the place also owned by Shin Yang and the Boulevard management actually demanded a RM10,000 deposit for the rental use of the car park for the event, any damages cost incurred shall be deducted from that deposit, having been told just a month or so before, Johnny and his gang had to scrambled to look for help, luckily a good pal of his, Davis Loh, came for the rescue at the last minute, offered willingly to sponsor the RM10,000 deposit, and so the event is still a go…

I packed everything in my trusty Charmant, now Turbocharged, and drove from Sibu to Bintulu a day earlier before the event, so that I can stay in Bintulu for 1 night, and then convoy together with my Bintulu Sidewayz Squad teammates to Miri next early morning.  Upon my arrival to Bintulu, we had great dinner together and also a very cool and chill Sidewayz Squad gathering at the Tanjung Batu beach car park.

On 1st July, all of us started our convoy ride from Bintulu to Miri, all of us arrived safely at Miri Boulevard car park around 9am’ish, the first day was all about Gymkhana, again with 3 categories: FWD, RWD and Open, managed by Jagjeet from KL, a very cool guy who eventually contributed to the progressive growth of Miri motorsport scene later, that will be told in a separate post later.

R2 participants is a HUGE improvement from R1, not only were there participants from all over Sarawak, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Mukah, Miri and Brunei, but there’s also 2 travelling all the way from KK, none other than the KK drift scene guru, Uncle Desmond and his apprentice, TK Wong.

For the Gymkhana challenge, layout wasn’t that complicated, but there were a lot more cool obstacles utilized for the challenge, items such as water barriers, empty PVC drums and etc, definitely a nice change from the usual traffic cones that we’re all very used to.

Before the Gymkhana race starts, Hee Wei Seng challenged me to a race, if he beat me in Gymkhana, then I’ll have to hold up a sign admitting the lost in the middle of the track while he donut drifts around me, I was hesitant at first but I gladly accepted, it’s all for the fun of it and doesn’t hurt if it helps boost his Youtube content views.

At the time, I was still rocking normal Apollo brand new sponsored tyres as well as some used condition ones, on a pretty sandy surface at the venue, plus my newly turbocharged 4AGE, I was having a hard time finding grip, in short, I lost to HWS in his NA Charmant aka ‘Red Pig’ by miliseconds, damn, LOL!

My Gymkhana results were: RWD category 3rd place, Open category – Not in top 3.  Overall not a very satisfactory result, but it was still good fun.

After the 1st day was over, LDMC organized a simple welcoming dinner for all participants at the local seafood restaurant, where some of us were also called upon to say a few words and etc.  After the dinner was over, I am so so ready for tomorrow, which is the DRIFT CHALLENGE yo!

Then came the 2nd day, 2 July, today it was all about Drift Challenge, Ee Yoong Cherng was again invited by LDMC to be the technical advisor and judge for the event, Yoong decided to bring in ‘Drift Gonzo’ to the event, the first time ever, a pin-ball style obstacle based points drifting competition, if you’ve seen the likes of the Red Bull Car Park Drift, or Mad Mike’s Drift Shifters, then you’ll know what I meant, it’s exactly like that, albeit on a much simpler and easier scale of course.

With the new ‘Drift Gonzo’ layout style and obstacles, many of the drifters were struggling to complete the course, we also seen couple of serious crashes, but no injuries luckily, such a relief!  After a half day practise, I finally started to get the hang of it, along with a few of my Squad buddies, and also the experienced gurus from KK.  Qualifying, I managed to get 2nd place, just a fraction behind uncle Desmond in his 7AGTE red AE86 coupe, man that Corolla is fast as fxxk!  Eight of us got into the top 8 tandem shootout battle!

My 1st battle, I went up against my good’ol teammate from Bintulu, Ngo LH in a RB25DET A31, I got the win and moved on to face another teammate, Roy Chai in his Skyline R32, again I won and then I’m officially at the finals, facing KK uncle Desmond!

I chase at the first run, I was having a hard time catching up with the quick AE86, but I was hitting all the right marks and finished with clean run, then on my lead run, I almost spun out at the donut box, but that didn’t phased uncle Desmond at one bit, surprisingly and also due to a bit of luck, uncle Desmond misjudged the final obstacle and had to stopped abruptly to avoid crash while I finish the run, knowing that I’ve won, mixed emotions started to flow through my head and I was STOKED!

Never thought that I could win, needless to say, it was ONE of the BEST moment of my entire drifting life, and I’m enjoying every bit of it, the friends, the cars, the atmosphere, the crowd, the drift, the actions, everything was just pitch perfect for me, TOTALLY LOVING IT!

Told you it’s a super long post, check out more photos!

Some videos from Youtube:

Here’s 2 clips of my final battle with the Legendary uncle Desmond:

Lastly, check out this blog coverage by Michael’s wife, Elena: