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Charmant in Doriten

Posted in Cool Stuffs on September 22, 2010 by Stanley Carter

You’d be surprised, this was from August, in 2010!!

Click me for full size

For the full res image, click HERE.

Special thanks to MrNismo for sharing this to me, a thread was also available at

When it comes to old school drifters, Japanese always do it so right, it’s awesomely cool.

Anyways, I got a bit of news here, I’ve finally decided to send my Charmant for repair, and things aren’t looking good thus far, rest assured there’d be more updates soon, fingers crossed…. *gulp*….

Charmant tsuiso with Silvias!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on August 18, 2010 by Stanley Carter

First of all, it ain’t me, LOL!

And secondly, big thanks to Zamil for sharing the video to me on Facebook.

Now, let’s check out some cool Charmant tsuiso action shall we?

And here’s another:

Judging from the lack of tiresmoke from the Charmant, I assume it’s still rocking on NA, yet I’m not entirely sure if it’s 4AGE though since I can’t get a good hearing from the video.

Who needs a Digital Camera…

Posted in Cool Stuffs on July 12, 2010 by Stanley Carter

When you can have this?

Samsung Wave

It has only 5mp camera with LED flash, but the image quality is satisfying enough for my standards, and the best feature I liked about the phone is the ability to snap 720p HD videos, dayuuuummmnn!!!  Why don’t I pick some other phones with 8mp or 12mp cameras you may ask, well, after an entire week long of basic research online on god knows how many websites and blogs I’ve read through, I’ve noticed those higher spec camera phones either don’t take pictures as good as it is (higher pixels does not equal to better quality, it only has..well… higher resolution, that’s about it) or it does not support HD video recording, as far as my current knowledge goes, this Samsung Wave seems to be fitting my requirements pretty spot on.

On the contrary, I’ve just read suituapui’s recent post on getting a new phone, instead of getting one similarly spec’ed as mine, he opted for the more reliable and affordable type, the ones that gets the job done, plus… also use it throw at dogs.  I was just like him many years back, truth be told, I’ve never bought a phone myself, all my previous phones were either bought by my parents (while I was still young) or it was given as a present (by my wife too!), they were all low spec phones, somewhere in the range between RM400~600 (still more expensive than yours, suituapui, LOL!).

I’m the type of guy that likes to snap pictures or videos when I encounter something interesting at any given place, even when I’m driving (I know, bad habit!), the current phone that I’m using now was ran over by several cars (don’t ask why, LOOOONG story ROFL!!), and I’m now using my mom’s older phone, the specs and its camera definitely couldn’t cope up with my needs, with only 2mp and a f*cked up lens, image taken has way too much noise, and the snap takes forever, trust me when I always MISSED the perfect moment to capture some cool moments on my son, Darren.

The Samsung Wave is still a handphone, but rest assured the image snapping ability it possess is way, way better compared to my current SE S302.  I’m really pleased to be able to use just 1 device to do it all, phone calls, sms, organizers, snapping photos and also record videos!  And I definitely don’t like the idea of having to bring a Digicam or a camcorder during the trip, I seriously think Digicams are pointless, if I would ever buy any camera, it’d be a DSLR.

Anyways, me and my family will be paying a visit to the City of Cats (Kuching) next month, so I’ll be making full use of Wave and rely it to capture some nice and memorable moments.

So I can’t afford to fix my Charmant, but now I’m suddenly buying a new phone which costs over a thousand!?  Where did my money come from?  Pretty simple, I pay by installment, ROFL!!!!

Hyundai vs Mini vs Porche

Posted in Cool Stuffs on June 19, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Man, the following two videos from YouTube says it all, check them out yourselves:

I LOL’ed hard at the 1st video, but I LOL’ed even harder after watching Hyundai’s response video (the 2nd vid), man this is too interesting to ignore, I seriously hope there’s more after this, haha!

Epic Short Films

Posted in Cool Stuffs on June 9, 2010 by Stanley Carter

If you’re into console gaming then you should be familiar with these 2 titles: Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Now just a while ago this short little fan made film titled ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ emerged on YouTube and all hell break loose, despite the fact that it was just FAN MADE, it totally blows all the past Hollywood *crap* SF movies away!  I can never get sick of watching this over and over again:

Now that is HOW a Street Fighter movie should be!

For my next sharing, it’s actually a short film made as some sort of a Proposal to Warner Bros. so that they might get a chance to actually remake it into a full feature length movie, however, compared to the SF: Legacy, the production from this short film is way better, just check this ‘Mortal Kombat: Rebirth’ out yourselves:

I seriously hope WB would consider this short film proposal and actually remake it with such direction, it is simply too epic, and judging by the video responses on YouTube, you can tell this is going to be Super!

Speaking of which, I hope that Tony Jaa would make it into either of these movies, there’s Asian characters in both of these games, and Tony Jaa would be most suitable to play some of the roles, don’t you agree?

Deep corn FTW!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on May 23, 2010 by Stanley Carter

The black AE70 owner has a deep corn steering but he thinks its crap and had it replaced with a cheapo looking momo-ish wheel.  I offered him RM40 for the deep corn wheel and the deal was made, sweet!

Deep corn steering

I’m not so sure of the wheel’s exact brand, but according to Johnny, he thinks it’s most likely from Elevo, and despite the fact that it’s old, dirty and sticky as hell (I know.. yeeewww!!), I’m loving it, IMO it brings that bit more character to my Charmant.

Me ❤ Deep corns!

On a side note, I visited my usual workshop yesterday and look what I found:


Can you guess what car is this?

Right, it’s a BMW!

Toyota powered BMW

Please ignore the ‘fake’ M3 emblem though… LOL!

As you can see the engine bay is kinda in a mess, that’s because a Microtech is currently being installed, and Johnny is the main tuner for the car, not sure how much he charges for the owner, or he just does it for fre… but I reckon it’s most likely the latter…haha!

Anyways, I’m excited for this ride, although nowadays there’s quite a few beemers roaming Sibu streets, but its not often you see a 1JZ powered BMW, plus it’s running on manual transmission, no automatic bullshit.

Can’t wait to see it get done! ^^

MORE Charmant footages on Youtube!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on May 12, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Ah.. the wonders of the Internet, more so, le YouTube.

I was just checking my daily video subscription updates and accidentally found some videos of Charmants having a little fun, I then started to dig deeper and discovered there have been some new videos lurking around, I ‘liked’ all of them, favorited all of them, and even subscribed some of them channels, just to make sure if there’s anymore new videos of Charmant, I’d be the first to know!

I know I know~ Enough crap talk, let’s check out the videos~!!

First and foremost, I’d like to show you 2 Charmants doing donuts and figure 8’s together, 1 in black and the other in blue, both of them look F*CKIN IMMACULATE!  Soooo full of win!

How about showing some love for me locals, here are 2 videos of Malaysian Charmants ‘attempting’ to drift:

The 2 drivers obviously still need a whole lot more practice, hehe!  Yet their Charmants are looking sweet too! ^^

Next up is a video of a Charmant having a little fun in what seems like a muddy field or somesort, which actually reminded me of when I first learnt oversteer (wouldn’t call it a drift).

When I first learnt the true fact and basic fundamentals to continuously slide a car is meant for RWD only, I started to perform some ‘experiment’ on my Charmant at a remote place filled with mud, the place was real tight and small, but oh how fun it was back then, the joy and excitement of first experimenting oversteer!

I’d visit the place whenever it rains since I had all the time of the world, the benefit of being a student!  That was how I finesse my steering work and learnt how to properly counter and maintain a slide, with a bone stock Charmant + automatic gearbox, crazy! 😀

Last but not least, a frequent visitor of Edgar’s blog, Yohann!!  I’ve seen one of his videos long ago, shared by Edgar, but I couldn’t believed how in the world had I not subscribed to his YouTube channel until right now!  It seems as though Yohann has been having a whole lot of fun in his trusty Charmant, and he has quite a few videos to share too!  Here are some of them bits:

There’s more, but I’m gonna stop here, if you wanna check out more of Yohann’s videos, just visit his Channel.

Ah, I felt great after having watched all these great Charmants in action!