Stanley who?

Height: 173cm 
Weight: 65kg 
Birthday: 15 September 1982
Marital Status: Married with 4 child
Profession: Oil Palm Plantation Manager

Stanley ‘Carter’ ain’t my real name in case you’re wondering, the word ‘Carter’ is something that I’ve decided to add as a part of my Nickname several years back.  I was a huge NBA fan back then, when Air Jordan retired from the league, the interest in NBA kinda faded as well, not until Vince Carter showed up in Toronto Raptors and totally blew me away.  With Carter’s insane and brutal Slam Dunk actions throughout the NBA season, it doesn’t take long before I became another huge fan of him, and that’s how the name “Carter” cameabout in my nick.  Judging by the story I just told you, you might think I’m a huge basketball fan too, but you’d be surprised my true love is actually in an extreme motorsport called ‘Drifting’.

As Vince Carter had retired, I’ve started to use the nickname Stanley ‘Taniguchi’ instead in some of my online persona, mainly for sim driving games such as Assetto Corsa.  I’ve been a fan of famous Japanese pro driver/drifter Nobuteru Taniguchi for many years and I’ve always liked his steering work.

This is my personal blog which I mainly cover the significant events in my personal life, as well as some coverage of the Sarawak motorsport scene, mainly Drifting of course.

17 Responses to “Stanley who?”

  1. Hi Stanley Carter,

    longtime no see,
    wish u happy new year!

  2. DriftFly! Hey there, 真的很久没见了,你最近过的很好吧~我都有留意你的动向,最近在Ipoh跑道跑的挺开心吧~呵呵~

  3. Supertec88 Says:


  4. hey Stanley,

    was blog hopping and came across this one.. that’s some great deal of work you’ve done to your car and it’s very rare to see a real driver & a real car with a pedigree. Rather than those riced up celica’s I’ve seen when I last visited sibu. Keep it up and I’m sure I’ll be back for more, of your ventures with Charmant.

  5. Eddie: Hey there, thanks for dropping by! ^^


    first i was here

    then i saw someone named banpei’s comment about using his pictures

    so i go to his page

    and i see on the right, charmant drifting dreams.

    i put the cursor over it.


    WHAT’S UP MAN!!!!!!

  7. Haha, least expected to see you here luck, LOL! Imma put your blog on my list as well~ Nice TE you have there~!

  8. hi Stan, i am from sibu too… Driving white Saga(Se 7020 q), pulling e-brake whenever it rains. I like to drift too… I have a friend who drives a black wira, ( he sells kampua at kafe2u, besides library there, i bet you know him…) he drifts pretty well too! And he practices drifting at the library parking lot which i think it’s dangerous ( you know, many cars coming in and out). Can you tell me where is the best place to drift in sibu? Ha ha… Kick 来…kick来…

  9. hey, live for speed is my favourite too… Its a very good car simulator game… You play s2 alpha or s1? Xr GTR is my favorite car in the game. How do you play the game? You use steering wheel and a shifter or use keyboard?

  10. I’m playing the latest S2 version, I bought the full license, I’m playing the game with Logitech G25. You have to fully experience this game with a proper gear in order to appreciate its great physics.

  11. I think I know which Black Wira you’re referring to, his car has a huge GT Wing and some white decals at the side of his car, he likes to pull Ebrake on public roads, sometimes also in the Town Square area. The safest place to learn and play drift is none other than the old airport runway, add me up on Facebook: and we’ll talk further.

  12. old airport is indeed a good place to drift but, you know on the way to the airport, the road is bad… we need to get through mud, gravels…bumping up and down… every time i go there my heart aches…ouch..T.T

  13. Looks like you hadn’t visited the place for a long time, the road going to the old airport is now done construction and it’s a lot smoother than before.

    Speaking of bad road, almost 80% of Sibu roads sucked. It doesn’t make that much difference anyways.

    If you drift on public streets and get caught, the consequences will be bad.

    Doing it in the old airport, and the authorities won’t even bother.

  14. ok… thanks… why dont we come out and meet? i never sit on a RWD drifting machine… it will be very cool ain’t it? here’s my hp num 0168910152… call me!!

  15. Ok, I’ll call you out next time if we have anymore sessions.

  16. Aldrin Aloysius Says:

    Hey Bro do you have parts for Charmant

  17. Aldrin Aloysius Anthony Says:

    hey dude do you have charmants parts 4sale

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