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Sibu Sarawak Youth Day Auto Gathering – 18th Nov 2018

Posted in Events on September 13, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Few of us called up some friends at Sibu and formed a temporary club/team called ‘Sibu Motorsport’ and joined the mini autoshow at the Sarawak Youth Day event held at Indoor Stadium, we also got lucky and won 3rd place in club gathering.

Kuching Drift Party – 11th Nov 2018

Posted in Events, Kuching Drift Crew, Sarawak Drift Tracks, Travelling on September 13, 2020 by Stanley Carter

With the momentum carried from the last Bintulu Drift Party, Kuching’s StayTuned Motorsports Club formed a sub team for the drifting sector, named ‘Kuching Drift Crew’, and they’ve acquired the permits to host a drifting event at the Samarahan Civic Center open car park.

Invitations were extended to all the drift enthusiasts throughout Sarawak, participants included me and my Sidewayz Squad buddies of course, as well as the up and coming Miri drifters such as Hee Wei Seng, Johnny and Wallace.

We arrived a day before and we’re treated with a nice welcoming dinner in a Chinese restaurant, thanks KDC!

The best part is of course on actual event day, the event was very well organized with plenty of helpers and marshals on site to ensure safety and keep everything in order, since there’s no competition, all of us drivers get to immediately get into drifting right after the morning briefing, it was short and simple, followed by a opening ceremony.

The weather for the entire day was very good, the track layout is quite similar to the Elite Speedway track in KL, it starts with a high 2nd gear right hand sweeper then a tight hairpin, followed by a quick transition to the left to finish the course. The high to low speed transition caught many of the drivers off guard, including me, but after a couple runs I managed to get the hang of it, and it just gets more fun from then on.

It’s the first ever drift party in Kuching, and KDC definitely outdid themselves, the hospitality rendered to us outsiders were also top notch, and all of us enjoyed the event very much, well done and thank you KDC!

Miri Go Kart Track Testing – 21st Oct 2018

Posted in Lutong Drag Motorsports Club (LDMC), Sarawak Drift Tracks on September 13, 2020 by Stanley Carter

LDMC is on its track in acquiring the permits to host its first ever time attack event at the ONLY Go Kart track in Sarawak, the event date was tentatively scheduled by the end of the year, however, Sidewayz Squad was lucky enough to be one of the outsiders to be invited to do some in track test driving, without any hesitation of course, most of us said YES immediately and we’re more than excited to help out!

Due to personal circumstances, I was unable to drive my Daihatsu Charmant, but I did followed my Bintulu squad members in their rides to Miri. We’ve arrived early in the morning and after breakfast, we proceeded to Hon Sheng for some dyno runs.

After the dyno runs and lunch break, we’ve proceeded straight to the track as it’s now opened for the unofficial test session. LDMC did a short brief of what NOT to do in the track, one of them is of course = Drifting. We’re kinda expected it but considering it’s our first time being able to drive HARD in the track, we’re still very stoked.

My first couple of laps in the track were with Ngo in his green NA AE70, since the car’s setup for drift, there’s some occasional oversteer here and there at corner exits but that’s acceptable by the organizers, as long as it’s not done deliberately, LOL!

The ‘good boys’ driving didn’t last long though, some of us got naughty and did longer slides at some corners, to our surprise, we received cheers from the spectators from the pit stands, and more importantly, no black flag from the organizer, hence we sorta treated that as the ‘green light’ to just go wild, and when I say go wild, Sidewayz Squad really goes WILD!

Our Sibu member, Andy Huang, piloting in his red 180sx, was the only driver who successfully drifted the entire half track and managed to connect all corners too, the run was epic! Right after Andy’s epic runs, the situation was getting a bit out of hand so the Marshal finally waived at us to stop.

At the end of the day all of us had a BLAST in the test track session, it was an experience of a life time and we can’t wait to come back for more in Sarawak’s first ever Time Attack event, very soon in couple more months!