Joining Katak Stance Autoshow Sibu – 16 Sept 2018

We’re on a roll here, right after the drag event, the local car club from Sibu hosted a very chill and laid back style of autoshow event at the Sing Kwong shopping mall car park at Salim area. Quite a few of us joined up with our rides to show support, and truth be told, we were surprised that we were the only Chinese present, the rest were mostly Malays, but hey, we’re all very glad to make new friends nonetheless!

Long story short, our group managed to snatch quite a few trophies here and there and we were all very stoked and proud!

For me personally, I managed to win the 2nd place in Best Old School category too, haha, guess the competition weren’t that fierce after all, well done my rusty old Charmant, well done!

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