I’m FINALLY ENTERED Miri Go Kart Track – 3 July 2018

I’ve said it before many many times, I’ve been DREAMING of entering this iconic and the ONLY race track in the entire Sarawak, albeit it’s just a tiny track designed for Go Karts, but it’s built to International standard, the track width itself is definitely sufficient for time attack events, even for Drift, like how many other places have done so with their Go Kart tracks!

Anyways, before we depart home after the legendary event just yesterday , both LDMC and BASC President, Andy Wong, had managed to convince some inside contacts of the track management and all of us were given a once of a life time opportunity to drive our cars into the track for a SHORT while, when I got the news, I literally went CRAZY and overhyped with excitement and joy!  Let the photos speak for themselves!

We weren’t allowed to race or drift in the track, and all of us weren’t intended to spoil our future chance of utilizing this track further for Sarawak motorsport events, so all of us were very, very good and compliant good boys, we’ve hung out for an hour or so, took some awesome and sweet group photos as seen above, also faked a wall ride drifting photo as suggested by Yoong, it was hilarious!

This, was, an HISTORICAL moment for all of us involved, and according to Alan, LDMC and Jagjeet, there’s a lot more in plans for this great track in Miri, you’ll see, very very soon!

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