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Sibu Bisonte Event Gathering – 15 Jun 2018

Posted in Car stuff, Events, Sibu Drifting, Sidewayz Squad on March 22, 2020 by Stanley Carter

So there’s this new market opening in Sibu Kampung area, called Bisonte, they had Richard to help them organize an event together with few other vendors, and as requested by Richard, he wanted to liven up the place so he invited all of us Sibu car enthusiasts to come and hang out at their car park area just for the fun of it, since it’s the weekends, we thought, why not?  We’re always up for supporting local events, also, if the organizer allowed us to hoon around at the empty lot without consequences, hey why should we decline? LOL!

Sidewayz Squad showed up in full and we also made a couple of new friends, driving very nice Mercedes and such, the event wasn’t as happening as predicted, so to burn our time, we decided to move to the Old Airport for a couple hours to enjoy hardcore drifting, after that we’re back at the Bisonte venue again to finish off with a sick group photo, check’em out below!

My Trusty Charmant TURBOCHARGED! – 14 Jun 2018

Posted in Car stuff, Cool Stuffs, Sibu Drifting on March 22, 2020 by Stanley Carter

After blown more than 5 units or more 4AGEs in my drifting lifetime so far, I never thought this day would come.  After the Miri Gymkhana and Drift Challenge R1 was over, I had a long talk with my Mechanic ‘Ande’ on how I was struggling with lack of power, first being the Sibu MAC road show drift challenge back in 2017, and then the recent event in Miri, Ande then pitched me the idea of going turbo with my existing 4AGE, I had a long thought process and after some poisoning done by my good mates, I made the worst (or best?) decision of my drifting life todate, my Daihatsu Charmant 4AGE 16v, is officially going to be upgraded with RB25 Turbo (sponsored by Michael Wee and Johnny Yong from Miri, thanks!)!

The decision was also made as a preparation for the up and coming Miri Gymkhana and Drift Challenge R2, set to be held at Boulevard Mall parking lot, I really wanted to be able to do more with my trusty Charmant, and without a doubt, Turbo is the only way to go, and it’s about time.

Long story short, the upgrades included for the entire upgrade were as follows:-

  • 4AGZE pistons
  • 4AGZE conrods
  • ACL bearing
  • ARP engine studs
  • RB25 stock turbo
  • Proton Wira stock radiator
  • Microtec ECU at 0.8 bar boost
  • TRD 2 way 4.77 ratio LSD
  • Hydraulic Viva rear caliper ebrake setup
  • Fuel surge tank
  • Exedy 3-puck clutch
  • TRD metal gasket 1.5mm
  • Estimated HP: 180~200hp

Total cost for the entire project is around RM25K++

Verdict: Despite breaking my bank, I’m super satisfied and happy with the end results, the power delivery was quick, responsive and reliable too, I can now do EVERYTHING that I could never do back then, the added power is NICE!

p/s: Since my current dash is cracking badly, I also had it totally replaced with a custom steel plate, it’s cool as fxxk though, watch out for more photos soon.

Miri Gymkhana and Drift Challenge R2, I AM READY FOR YA!

Here’s a short video compilation of my turbocharged Charmant in action with my pals at Sibu Old Airport:

Sunday wet Drifting practice – 10 Jun 2018

Posted in Sibu Drifting, Sidewayz Squad on March 22, 2020 by Stanley Carter

This particular Sunday afternoon was hit by rain but that didn’t affect us at all, we’re drifters after all, wet surface is always in our favour, haha.

We had a great turnout, with Yap in his newly purchased Z33, Tony’s AE70, William’s GT86, Andy’s 180sx and etc, the usual Sidewayz Squad suspects.

Also, there is an increase of Nissan Cefiro A31 in Sibu, Sylvester and David Yap just bought themselves near stock A31, Sibu drift scene is definitely looking bright and promising.