Leona Chin in Sibu! – 11 Mar 2018

So Leona Chin, the most popular female racer/drifter from Malaysia had come to Sibu for the Mitsubishi roadshow, she’s been circling Sarawak together with Mitsubishi for quite some time and today she’s finally here in Sibu, the Sibu’s Mitsubishi showroom held some family friendly events to keep the crowd engaged, including 2 Sim Racing rigs with Project Cars 2 ready, registered participants may qualify and the top racers will get to race with Leona at the end of the day, as usual, I went there with my buddies and Sidewayz Squad teammates to show support, most of us of course had our eyes laid on the sim racing and trying to prove ourselves, I managed to qualified into the finals and I was finally in for a race with Leona, and guess what, I beat her in the game! I was awarded with some Mitsubishi gifts and souvenirs and a tiny Ang Pow which I’m more than happy.

But the more exciting part of the day is that, all of us managed to convince Leona’s Manager to have her join us for a short drifting session at the old airport runway, surprising Leona was very sporting and gladly joined us, once we reached the venue, news spread fast and more Sibu sport car enthusiasts showed up to check Leona out, Andy Huang lend his 180sx to Leona and I get to tandem with her in my trusty Charmant for a few simple figure 8 laps, all in the good fun!  All of us had a blast and a lot of good moments shared with Leona, after some autograph signing and group photo, we all went back with a big smile on our faces.

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