Sarawak Day Convoy to Sarikei and Sibu’s first ever Drift Clinic – 22 July 2017

The Sibu Municipal Center organized a Sarawak Day convoy to Sarikei town on a day trip, which included plenty of nice cars, sporty bikes and also drift demo show presented by none other than my team, Sidewayz Squad.

The entire convoy was led by Dato Andrew Wong, we started our initial gathering at the old airport runway early morning, then the convoy starts and we drove straight to Sarikei, upon arrival, we had our lunch and followed by the long awaited drift demo, check out the pictures and some video clips from Youtube:

On the exact same day, the Merdeka Auto Carnival (MAC) roadshow to Sibu was also in place for 2 days, with 22 July being the Drift Clinic workshop taught by Ee Yoong Cherng from KL, and the Gymkhana and Drift competition on the next day, 23 July.  Both these events are being held at Sibu Old Airport runway and organized by SAS once again.

As I myself had already committed to the Convoy organizer, I was unfortunately unable to join the Drift Clinic, it was a special moment for us Sarawak drifters as this was the FIRST ever drift clinic held in Sibu, all participants are also the competitors for the next day Gymkhana and Drift event, weather was hot and so was the participant’s enthusiasm!  The day ended smoothly and many of the drivers get to learn some basic 2nd gear drift fundamentals.

As for our event in Sarikei, the drift demo show went on until evening, we started our drive home to Sibu around 8pm++ and arrived after 9pm, after a quick dinner with Yoong, we’re ready for tomorrow’s big day event.

More to be elaborated in the following post.

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