Merdeka Auto Carnival MBKS Kuching – 16~17 Sept 2017

MAC is back once again and this would be my 3rd MAC event participating with my trusty Charmant, although there wasn’t any big convoy like 2016’s MAC, but the hype was still pretty big as SAS claimed that this might be the LAST MAC event, mainly due to sponsorship and venue constraints.

Anyhow, this time I’m accompanied by my Sidewayz Squad teammate Yap in his 4AGE 20v KE70, also the 2 of us just recently got in a sponsorship deal with Apollo tyres and Touchoil lubricants, apart from getting some good quality lubricants for our cars we also got great tyres support from Apollo, which is pretty awesome to say the least.

The event this time was held at MBKS, the exact same place which Kuching held their annual Kuching Food Festival, it’s a decent venue at town center but limited space for the Gymkhana Kone Attack, overall you can barely get into 2nd gear and with little to no run off areas before you either faced with concrete walls, gutters or dividers.

Both me and Yap competed in the Kone Attack, due to some organizing issues and poor weather, the event programs was greatly delayed with not much going on throughout the day.

My performance in the Kone Attack this time wasn’t very good as I only got 5th in RWD category and 6th in Open category, my stock 1.5 way LSD was giving up so I was struggling with donut turns, I was actually confident I could be in the podium but unfortunately the LSD gave up on me, however, I still managed to squeeze myself into the 1-1 battle, but by that time I was already losing focus and I wrong course, my opponent was Obiwan, even though I made a perfect run, I still wouldn’t beat him anyways, so no big deal, haha.

Then came the evening where the organizer asked for my help to coordinate the ‘Drift Parking’ mini tournament, I was caught by surprise, but seeing that we’ve been good friends and all I said yes, the overall event went well but not without complains by 1-2 drivers, in the end I didn’t manage to compete myself due to the last minute responsibilities, and to add on with the disappointment, the supposedly planned Car Park Drift event was cancelled due to scheduling delays, saaaad….

All the factors I’ve mentioned earlier has made this the least exciting MAC for me, my LSD problem, the tiny venue for Gymkhana, unable to compete in Drift Parking, and no more Car Park Drift, and the constant rain for 2 days…. I just wasn’t having a good time.

Being the 4th Kone Attack series I’ve participated, I actually had higher expectations for myself, but I was wrong, apparently both me and my car were not properly readied as the competition had gotten better as well.

After the event, I’ve made up my mind…. time to weld this piece of shit LSD for good!

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