MAC Sibu Roadshow Gymkhana and Drift – 23 July 2017

I’ve been an avid MAC fan ever since I first joined in 2015 at Icom Square, Kuching.  After getting acquainted with the fun and sporting SAS friends, we’ve been collaborating the Sibu Bike Week drift matsuri, and now this, the first ever out of Kuching roadshow for MAC, held at Sibu Old Airport, it’s a 2-days event with the first being a Drift Clinic taught by Yoong and the Gymkhana and Drift competition on the following day, the drift judges for the next day were Yoong and famed KK pro drifter ‘Mah Lao’.

As mentioned in the previous post, I was occupied with the SMC Sarawak Day convoy at Sarikei so I missed the Drift Clinic, but for the main event day, I was there at full force in my trusty Daihatsu Charmant.  Being the first official Gymkhana and Drift competition ever to be held in Sibu, it was once again an historical moment for Sarawak motorsport, needless to say many of us were super excited and hyped for the event, we had many participants from Kuching, Sri Aman, Mukah and also BIntulu joining.  Even attracted friends from KK like the Aki Speed gang led by Gui Foo Sing.

The overall event was sponsored by William Kong’s REXXO, event started early morning with Gymkhana first, then followed by Drift competition in late afternoon.  I competed in both the Gymkhana and Drift, for Gymkhana, I made a slight mistake and in the end I only got 4th place in the RWD category.

For the drift competition, where many of us are most anticipated for, comprise of a simple R layout setup by Yoong and Mahlao, it’s a simple 2nd gear speed layout and majority of the competitors were still struggling to complete with a clean run, this was nothing surprising as the overall Sarawak drift scene is still at its infancy stage.  There were more than 20 drivers and due to the overall low skill set by majority of the field, judges decided to only included Top 4 tandems, the qualified drivers were me, Ngo from Bintulu, Ah Bui and Bernard from Kuching.

Long story short, I managed to fought my way to the final battling Bernard in his KE70, however, I was struggling with lack of torque in my 16v 4AGE NA so I was clutch kicking way too much than I should be, in the end when me and Bernard went for a OMT, my clutch started to slip real bad and I just couldn’t maintain drift anymore, thus handing over the win to Bernard, it was a great battle nonetheless!

Here’re some of the photos from the event and some video clips as well from YouTube:

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