Forming Sarawak 1st Drift Team – Sidewayz Squad – July 2017

It was around July 2017 where me and my close drifting friends from Sibu and Bintulu had decided it’s time that we form our own drift team, or can I say, the first official drift team in Sarawak, after some brainstorming, we’ve decided with the name = Sidewayz Squad.

The team mainly consists of members from both Sibu and Bintulu, and it’s a private team and members are purely invitational only.  It’s the start of a very exciting drift journey in Sarawak soil, we’re very much look forward to it!

Sidewayz Squad team members:

  1. Stanley Wong (Sibu Leader)
  2. Sylvester Yu (Sibu)
  3. Andy Huang (Sibu)
  4. Yap Siew Yee (Sibu)
  5. Tony Ting (Sibu)
  6. William Ying (Sibu)
  7. Ngo Luk Hung (Bintulu Leader)
  8. Lim Jenq Haur (Btu)
  9. Teo Hong (Btu)
  10. Jeff Hong (Btu)
  11. Hwang Ah Hao (Btu)
  12. Soh Yi Hao (Btu)
  13. Roy Chai (Btu)
  14. Nefilander (Btu)


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