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2017 recaps finally done…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Damn… I wasn’t aware how busy and happening it was for the year 2017, and to think I still have 2018 and 2019 to recap, oh dear… this is gonna need at least another month or so for me to gather all the medias and write-up… I’ll be keeping it short and simple… Will take a short break and rest assured, 2018 recap posts coming up very soon!


Sibu Motorsport Scene Update – Dec 2017

Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2020 by Stanley Carter

With the final event over at Bintulu, me and my Sibu friends were still feeling hungry for more adrenaline rush, so to keep the momentum going, we adapted some autocross style layouts at our Sibu Old Airport runway and hosted a little hybrid track attack experience ourselves, surprisingly it was pretty well received by many Sibu car enthusiasts too!

We were trying to cater to all sort of drivers, be it drifters, Gymkhana, Dragsters or just street racers, I mean, seeing how the motorsport scene here is basically non-existent, it’s important that we try to play along with all the other enthusiasts and stay united, then maybe we can achieve something bigger in the near future? Who knows, for the time being, let’s enjoy what we have and appreciate!

Gymkhana Workshop Bintulu – 1 Oct 2017

Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2020 by Stanley Carter

In preparation for BAC 2017 and also to promote the sport to a wider audience in Bintulu, Ee Yoong Cherng was invited to come Bintulu Golden Bay Hotel to host a short Gymkhana Workshop seminar for the local enthusiasts, being the 2nd gymkhana workshop to be held in Sarawak (1st being Kuching) , I couldn’t miss it so I again drove all the way from Sibu to Bintulu on a day trip just to participate for this free workshop, yes you heard it right, the entire workshop is sponsored by BASC and it’s free sign up!

Ee Yoong Cherng was an amazing teacher and we learnt a lot in his half day session in the hall room, however due to time constraints, there wasn’t enough time for practical outdoor demonstrations, seeing the workshop was entirely free, well, we still appreciate the efforts given, thanks BASC!