Sibu Bike Week 2016 – Drift Attack 2~4 Dec

For the first time ever, Razz Chopper’s 6th annual Sibu Bike Week had incorporated DRIFTING as one of its many exciting side shows and programs.  The drift sessions were held and ran concurrently together with the main event for 3 consecutive days from 2nd to 4th Dec’16 (Fri to Sun), it was the VERY FIRST official drift event in Sibu, and also the FIRST EVER drift ‘matsuri’ (aka party) in the whole Sarawak, with over 20 drivers and drift cars participated throughout Sarawak, it was truly a sight to behold as the drifting site was right at the center of the Sibu Phase 2 town square car park.

For the drifting part, I acted as the main coordinator in liaising between Razz Chopper and Sarawak Auto-Enthusiasts Society (SAS), as this was my first time organizing a drift event in my own hometown, I needed some professional help, and who else better to find other than the Gymkhana elitist from Kuching, SAS gladly helped me out and they sent over Kelvin and Galvin to assist me in the overall venue setup, safety and marshaling duties.

Overall the event was a big success without any mishaps, crowd was great and very engaging, and best of all, all drivers had a great time in the 3-days morning till night drifting, couldn’t believe we actually held a drift matsuri in Sibu, Sarawak!  Truly an unforgettable experience and one that will not be forgotten for many many years to come.

Lastly, big appreciation to Razz Chopper for entrusting us and given us the opportunity to collaborate with their professional team and brought in drifting to the Sibu public!

Here’s the video by famed Sarawak Youtuber Hee Wei Seng:

As well as some other youtube videos from the event:

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