Kuching Gymkhana Workshop – 12 June 2017

The SAS Kone Attack gang organized a 1-day Gymkhana workshop training, led by Mr. Ee Yoong Cherng all the way from KL, according to SAS, this was their 2nd official Gymkhana workshop ever, and with a super affordable entry fee, this was something I just couldn’t miss.

Again I drove all the way from Sibu to Kuching and I was provided to stay in the same hotel room with Sifu Yoong, the guy doesn’t age and he still looks like a school boy, WTF!

Anyways, the actual workshop itself was AWESOME and all of us LEARNT a ton that day, we were taught with some basic Gymkhana car handling fundamentals, up to intermediate and advance level techniques, the day ended with a mini competition in which I failed miserably due to failing E-brake, time to have it properly fixed once I return Sibu.

Such an awesome time getting to hang out with the SAS, Kone Attack and the rest of the Kuching guys again!

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