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Kuching Gymkhana Workshop – 12 June 2017

Posted in Events, Sarawak Auto Enthusiasts Society (SAS) on January 28, 2020 by Stanley Carter

The SAS Kone Attack gang organized a 1-day Gymkhana workshop training, led by Mr. Ee Yoong Cherng all the way from KL, according to SAS, this was their 2nd official Gymkhana workshop ever, and with a super affordable entry fee, this was something I just couldn’t miss.

Again I drove all the way from Sibu to Kuching and I was provided to stay in the same hotel room with Sifu Yoong, the guy doesn’t age and he still looks like a school boy, WTF!

Anyways, the actual workshop itself was AWESOME and all of us LEARNT a ton that day, we were taught with some basic Gymkhana car handling fundamentals, up to intermediate and advance level techniques, the day ended with a mini competition in which I failed miserably due to failing E-brake, time to have it properly fixed once I return Sibu.

Such an awesome time getting to hang out with the SAS, Kone Attack and the rest of the Kuching guys again!

Family’s trip to Thailand – 27 May 2017

Posted in Personal, Travelling on January 28, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Had a great time with my family at Thailand for over a week, good times.

My helmet’s new look design – 25 Mar 2017

Posted in Cool Stuffs, Personal, Random on January 28, 2020 by Stanley Carter

Approached my good friend Naem at Jiu’s Custom Garage again and his work never disappoints, here’s the new look from the previous boring black color.  I like it a lot!