My Charmant’s latest transformation and acquiring Sponsorship Oct’16

… well more of a cosmetic transformation, nothing was done to the performance though…

It was October 2016 and me and my Drifting buddies from Sibu and Bintulu were planning for a convoy trip to Miri to participate in the first ever Gymkhana event there, named Miri Gymkhana Challenge, while there were few weeks of ample time for us to prepare, I’ve finally decided its time to add some flava to my rusty old Charmant’s outlook, and so I got on the web to look for inspirations… lo & behold, I caught an eye on this…


Bride AE86 Corolla

To be honest, there’s really nothing much you can do to a boxy old schooler with 4 doors, I honestly do not want to have my car spent in the body shop for more than 2-3 months just to have it rebuilt with proper rust treatments and re-weld for strengthening, plus there’s not much experienced body restorers on old school cars here in Sibu, not that I know of, and lastly, I simply don’t have the budget as well.

Anyways, back to topic, the moment I glanced upon this Bride AE86 livery, I immediately knew that this livery style would suit my Charmant, I had a brief talk with a good friend of mine, Naem, whom was an active member in SRCC (Sibu Retro Car Club), he’s a very talented young fella who likes to paint cars and bikes with his very own unique design flavour, he agreed to work on my car on a limited time frame with the discussed livery design, and so the work began…


Transformation started


80% completed


100% completed

Tadaaaa~! As you can see above, it took only less than 3 weeks to have everything done, and you may have also noticed I got some stickers on this time, they’re not just slapped there for no reason though, good news was that with a few good help from some close friends, I managed to get in talks with some sponsors and landed some pretty good deals, needless to say I get to have free lubricants and free tyre supplies for a limited volume in a certain period of time, heck yeahhhh! My main sponsors are: Tyresave and Hyperlube.

Just as I was getting uber excited to have my Charmant with the new look, my 4AGE started to act weird, well this was the culprit…


There goes my gasket…


Me worrying about my dear Charmant

I had my Charmant placed in my usual workshop (Sin Heak Hin, Sg. Antu) for couple of days before we depart to Miri for the Gymkhana challenge, had my gasket replaced and did a top overhaul, nothing major and the 4AGE roars the same as before, next is to visit my sponsors and time to claim my free tyres, hehe~


Tyres re-stock from Sponsors (Tyresave & Hyperlube)

Big thanks to Tyresave and Hyperlube for sponsoring me the needed tyres and lubricants for me to perform and compete without much worries in the upcoming Miri Gymkhana Challenge, now that I’m all set, it’s time to look forward to the event and have some awesome fun at Miri!


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