Kuching Stadium Re-visited Aug 2016

Soon after MAC, I actually brought my Charmant back to the Kuching Stadium car park converted race track twice in 2 weeks time, needless to say, this time I’ve come well prepared with plenty of backup tyres for me to slay.

With my hydraulic E-brake setup, I’ve finally had the guts to go full out with my Charmant and hit it sideways before the corner entry, I was very surprised at how well I did, and the feeling just got better and better, you can check out my driving in the following youtube videos:

Another interesting story to share was that I had a small collaboration with the Miri Youtuber Hii Wei Seng on a short video:

Definitely a first for me, his videos are also very entertaining which basically covers the Motorsport scene in the Sarawak region, so do subscribe and check’em out yourselves.


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