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Sibu Giant Mall Drift 17~18 Sept 2016

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The events just kept coming! First there was MAC Kuching, then BAC Bintulu, and now the SRRC Charity event in Sibu!

For the first time ever, we’re allowed to perform drifting in the indoor car park of Giant Hypermarket Mall, we were super nervous and did a lot of pre-event practise just to make sure we don’t crash our cars or the crowd during actual event day, in the end it all pays off as all the registered demo drivers did wonderfully and managed to help raised quite a sum for the Autistic Community.


B.A.C. 2~4 Sept 2015

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BAC stands for Bintulu Auto Carnival, which was organized by Bintulu Auto Club.  This was their very first BAC event and it was held at the Bintulu Civic Center.

It was less than a month after MAC and now we’ve all geared up for another convoy from Sibu to Bintulu, talk about dedication man…. anyways, the event was decent with good cars all around and a very short drift demo co-managed by me and the organizers, everything went smooth, and of course, we, the drifters, went to the Bintulu Old Airport on the last day and had some fun over there, as usual, I’ll let the pictures and videos talk:


I led the convoy from Sibu to Bintulu


What’s this? Petition for Race Track?


Sign me in!


S15 yummyyyyy~~~


Having good fun!


The BAC sports cars line up


Lunch gathering with the committee and friends


BAC yeeehaaaa~!


Tyres ready for action


Me trying out a Nissan 370z


Foolin around


Can you feel my exhaustion yet?


Ending the trip with an awesome dinner with Bintulu gang

Kuching Stadium Re-visited Aug 2016

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Soon after MAC, I actually brought my Charmant back to the Kuching Stadium car park converted race track twice in 2 weeks time, needless to say, this time I’ve come well prepared with plenty of backup tyres for me to slay.

With my hydraulic E-brake setup, I’ve finally had the guts to go full out with my Charmant and hit it sideways before the corner entry, I was very surprised at how well I did, and the feeling just got better and better, you can check out my driving in the following youtube videos:

Another interesting story to share was that I had a small collaboration with the Miri Youtuber Hii Wei Seng on a short video:

Definitely a first for me, his videos are also very entertaining which basically covers the Motorsport scene in the Sarawak region, so do subscribe and check’em out yourselves.