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July 2016: More Sibu & Bintulu Drift Madness

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It’s 1 month before the annual MAC Kuching again, this year I’ve been planning early and just to get everyone hyped, we’ve arranged some impromptu training or should I say… practise sessions for the Sibu and Bintulu participants in Gymkhana/Drift, just to get ourselves ready and well prepared for the big event next month!

Again, pictures talk!


10 Jul’16: 4 points safety harness belt!


10 Jul’16: New arm, new steering shaft, more cutting!


10 Jul’16: Seat upgrade with harness belt!


10 Jul’16: Mini fire extinguisher..check!


10 Jul’16: Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise


10 Jul’16: Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise

It is at the 2nd quarter of 2016 that I’ve met 2 newcomers in the Sibu drift scene, it was very fortunate that both of them are really serious in the sport and the rest is history, both of them are young, single and very energetic, I’m excited to guide them to the right path and looking forward in seeing how they progress in the near future!

Here’re some videos of the Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise sessions:

After the Sibu sessions, we’ve proceeded straight to Bintulu again the very next week, damn we just don’t stop!


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session

28 May~4 June 2016: Bintulu-Miri-Brunei Trip

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Had a holiday trip with my in law family members and we travel in 2 cars, 1 of which is my own Charmant, although it was intended to be a relaxing family trip, but I just can’t help but to squeeze in some drift action in between to quench my thirst for some sideways action, haha!

Anyhow, I’ll let the pictures talk!


28 May’16: Extended ebrake handle b*tch!! Things about to get real serious!


1 Jun’16: Visit to the drift workshop of Bintulu!


1 Jun’16: Visit to the drift workshop of Bintulu!


1 Jun’16: Bintulu friends are too awesome, they brought plenty of water to wet the track for us!


1 Jun’16: Bintulu Drift Boleh!

After me and my in law family had our funs at Bintulu, we departed to Miri, and while we’re 2/3 on the trip, my Charmant decided to break down…again just like the very old times, I’ve called up my good friend¬†Johnny Yong whom is now working on his own business (Ceramic Pro) in Miri, he came for the rescue without hesitation, his deep knowledge and experience in 4age have saved me numerous times in the past, and that day was no exception, in the end I managed to drive my Charmant safely to Miri in one piece, all thanks to him. Good to be catching up with you again old friend!


3 Jun’16: Long time friend, Johnny Yong!

After some long needed catching up with Johnny, I’ve made a visit to the infamous Go-Kart track of Miri the very next morning, I’ve been wanting to visit this track for such a looong time and I’m glad I’ve achieved half of my dream, if you ask why only half? …. well… it’s the fact that the gates are bloody LOCKED god damnit! I was soooo tempted to break open the gate and just let my Charmant go loose in that beautiful little track, definitely would be very fun in some 2nd gear actions! ¬†Anyways, not being able to drive in it after making such a long journey from Sibu, was definitely my BIGGEST disappointment in this trip!


4 Jun’16: Special moment for me, finally reached Miri Go Kart Track!


4 Jun’16: Special moment for me, finally reached Miri Go Kart Track!

12 February 2016: New Wheels…Finally!

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Been eyeing at this local wheel maker from Malaysia for quite some time and finally made the decision to pamper myself and my Charmant right before CNY, got this Atara Racing Cengkih 14″x8jj at less than RM1,500 delivered to my very door step, you can’t ask for any cheaper than that!


Finally some proper wheels on my Charmant!

The wheels didn’t fit that perfect though, as I faced some issues with clearance, but that was temporarily resolved with a set of front spacers installed, looks kinda weird but hey, as long as it functions fine, I’m all cool!