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M.A.C Kuching 12~14 Aug 2016

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Last year I was the only driver from Sibu to compete in MAC Kone Attack round along with 4 350z friends from Bintulu, this year however, the number of participants from Sibu have grown exponentially, altogether Sibu and Bintulu we now have 12 cars joining the convoy to Kuching on 11 Aug’16, however, majority were in it for the  ‘Display’ category only, as for the Kone Attack contenders, only 5 of us have registered (3 from Sibu and 2 from Bintulu).

As always, S.A.S is the main party behind this annual auto event, and this year has got to be the toughest for them thus far, they’ve been facing a whole loads of crappy obstacles in getting this year’s MAC rolling, to sum it all up, they’ve changed venue more than 3 times, reschedule the date 2 times, all of us from Sibu and Bintulu are just glad that they managed to still get the event going no matter what, whoa…. what a relief….

But all that last minute changes do come at a cost, the scale of the event was greatly toned down due to budget and venue constraints, while some of our sport car owner friends were a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing since they were really looking forward basing their impression from last year’s success at iCom Square, those of us who’re more interested in the actual Kone Attack event were not affected much, Kone Attack was still going on at full blast, the great sense of nervousness and excitement was still very much flooding all our senses, it was simply awesome!


Tyres, I’ve prepared PLENTY!


11 Aug’16: Moment before the convoy


11 Aug’16: Moment before the convoy


11 Aug’16: Moment before the convoy


11 Aug’16: I was leading the convoy pack while being hunted by this GTR


11 Aug’16: Went straight to Sin Heak Hin after arriving Kuching, meeting Obiwan


11 Aug’16: Had our dinner at Kuching Festival


12 Aug’16: Kone Attack final round group photo!


13 Aug’16: After a long day of Kone Attacking…


13 Aug’16: Again can’t miss another photo with Kuching DK S.Met!


13 Aug’16: Meet Cicak, the S14 drifter!


13 Aug’16: Trust me, it felt good.


13 Aug’16: Having a total BLAST!


14 Aug’16: Drift demo time with good buddy, Desmond and his S15


14 Aug’16: Charmant vs S15


14 Aug’16: Finally a photo with Kuching FF expert, Astro Ming!


14 Aug’16: Special award for me!


14 Aug’16: Big win for us from Sibu/Bintulu!


14 Aug’16: 3rd fastest overall, I’m really happy!


15 Aug’16: PA Kitchen


15 Aug’16: PA Kitchen




BCF Autoshow on 23 July 2016

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BCF had its first ever autoshow held last year just right outside of the door steps of Wisma Sanyan, it was considered a success, and this year the organizers have approached us to see if we can squeeze in some drift demo shows in between, to which I answered immediately: No F*cking Problem!


While last year the weather was great, this year’s autoshow was plagued by constant heavy downpours, which greatly affected the overall crowd and atmosphere, but for us drifters, the drift demo was never an issue despite the pretty slippery road surface though, anyways, it’s the FIRST for Sibu finally, and rest assured there’ll be more to come in the coming months, so stay tuned…

July 2016: More Sibu & Bintulu Drift Madness

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It’s 1 month before the annual MAC Kuching again, this year I’ve been planning early and just to get everyone hyped, we’ve arranged some impromptu training or should I say… practise sessions for the Sibu and Bintulu participants in Gymkhana/Drift, just to get ourselves ready and well prepared for the big event next month!

Again, pictures talk!


10 Jul’16: 4 points safety harness belt!


10 Jul’16: New arm, new steering shaft, more cutting!


10 Jul’16: Seat upgrade with harness belt!


10 Jul’16: Mini fire extinguisher..check!


10 Jul’16: Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise


10 Jul’16: Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise

It is at the 2nd quarter of 2016 that I’ve met 2 newcomers in the Sibu drift scene, it was very fortunate that both of them are really serious in the sport and the rest is history, both of them are young, single and very energetic, I’m excited to guide them to the right path and looking forward in seeing how they progress in the near future!

Here’re some videos of the Sibu Gymkhana/Drift practise sessions:

After the Sibu sessions, we’ve proceeded straight to Bintulu again the very next week, damn we just don’t stop!


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session


17 Jul’16: Bintulu Drift Session