Wow, it’s been years huh?  But who cares man, I doubt anyone out there still checks in on this blog anyways, LOL! But the fact that I wrote this post was because I was sick, I stayed home bored, just finished watching Rockets won 1-3 against Warriors a while ago (meh!), and while surfing FB and other internet stuffs I stumbled upon this dust filled blog of mine which unfortunately I’ve neglected for years.

Anyhow, I thought I might as well write a few about the major happenings since my lack of updates throughout this long period of time:

  1. I got busy, I mean, real busy, I got offered a position as a Manager in the Oil Palm sector and while the pay was good, I literally had to sacrifice 80% of my previously free-going time to just work, work and work.
  2. I’m now a father of 3 healthy boys, hah!
  3. I’m still into drift, and I’ve also joined my first ever legal event in Kuching which involves autocross (they called it Kone Attack) and some mini drift demos, driving my crappy Charmant all the way from Sibu to Kuching is no easy feat, but I’m glad I survived the return trip all in all.  Made some good friends with the SAS gang (Sarawak Auto Enthusiast Society, Kuching) and hopefully I’ll be joining some of their events soon.
  4. Joined a local Sibu club called SRCC (Sibu Retro Car Club) and made friends with many very very cool Malay old school car enthusiasts, these guys are super cool and I love their overall attitudes, joined a couple of events with them in Sarikei as well as Sibu Jaya, there’s definitely more to come in the near future.
  5. Finally got to experience hands-on driving in the legendary SIC (Sepang International Circuit) in both a LanEvo 5 and an Auto GT86 thanks to the offer by a good friend named Jeffery Lim, who happens to own a super cool turbocharged GT86 himself, currently staying in Kuching.
  6. Finally, yes, my Charmant is still running, the body is showing signs of exhaustion due to the lack of care and rough handling by the neglectful owner, there are cracks, and rust growing at more places than you can count, but hey, as long as it still runs, I’m gonna drive it like I’ve always intended to, drift the FUCK OUTTA it, cosmetics what!? it’s the driving and fun that counts, looking good is still not my priority at the moment unfortunately, so yeah… haha!

That’s all I can think of at this moment, anyways, hopefully I’ll find the time or interest to maybe post more updates here, but who knows, time will tell I guess, till next time, see ya!

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