In Car Camera Phone Holder

Bought myself a RM12 in car handphone holder, works great for recording some in car footage, here’s a short one I did couple weeks ago:

Currently short on funds so gonna stay low for a while, when I’m financially ready for more tires, rest assured there will be more in car footage to share.

And while we’re at it, here’s another video a friend of mine shot when I attempt the human cone donut:

2 Responses to “In Car Camera Phone Holder”

  1. Hi!
    I’m going to visit my father who has a company over in kuching.
    I’m into drift was wondering where can i get myself a car / workshops and wheres good to drift in sarawak?


  2. I’m from Sibu, so can’t help sorry.

    However, Kuching has a LOT more drifters, you can try to visit the Stadium car park during the weekends afternoon, quite happening over there, maybe you can make some friends and get to know some workshops.

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