Bits and Pieces

Over the last month or two, I’ve been fixing, adding as well as upgraded some minor items for my Charmant, such as:

Flamebeater – mini fire extinguisher

New brake fluid

New spark plugs – Denso BKUR6EK (stock plugs for Perodua Kembara)

New plug wires (Germany made) and new intake filter

DIY fix for my broken windshield wiper switch handle

Here’s a youtube video demonstrating how it works:

And finally… I’ve replaced my faulty rear disc caliper (albeit still a stock unit) and my E-brake now finally works, though it’s still not as tight as I hope to be, but at least I can now use it for parking as well as 180 turns, for drift initiations, well it’s still pretty much hopeless though…

DIY ebrake drift button mod

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