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Posted in Personal, Random on February 13, 2012 by Stanley Carter

No worries, I’ve got it all covered!

My lovely wife and 2 sons with the roses.

It’s still early though, but meh…Happy Valentines to y’all!

I forgot…

Posted in Sibu Drifting on February 12, 2012 by Stanley Carter update this blog, again!

So, last month, a friend of mine who came back from Singapore wanted to experience drifting, so I picked Sunday morning and called a couple of friends to join, and here’s a video:

And here’s a couple of pictures by Eric Tan:

My trusty Charmant

Friends and crowd

Friends and crowd

Auntie loves drifting too!

Charmant drift

Tires well spent

Worst part of drifting, changing tires!

Making sure the 4AGE runs well.

Nice view of the AE86 Levin

AE86 cockpit

AE86 monster 4AGE setup

The old school Celica

SR20DET for the Celica

Celica performing couple of donuts before leaving

That’s all for now, hope you like it.