That was fast, in just 2 more days and we’ll all be entering year 2012, simply… WOW!

So, I’ve finally sent my Charmant to the workshop for a routine service (oil change, LSD and etc) as well as a minor upgrade on my steering angle *wink*

I bought this from a friend on Facebook:

Angle Kit

They go into the inner tie rod (within the bellow), some cutting is required on the stock inner and outer tie rods, and then it’s a simple install, this thing is cheap so I’m not sure of its reliability, but I’m a cheapskate so whatever!

First thing I did after I got the car was to do some ultra rough measurement using my ghetto ruler, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell if there’s any ACTUAL increase in the angle though, LOL! After all, this is NOT the best way to increase your steering angle, with that said,  I’ll probably take some better pictures AFTER I sent my car for a proper re-alignment, then I’ll probably need to do some test runs… ahem.. drifts to test out if there’s any difference.

So that’s all for my December update, pretty boring huh, hah! See ya’all in 2012, boo ya!

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