Nov 2011 update

I could’ve had something more worthy to post here today, but something happened… my elder son was admitted to a local medical center last night in a very bad shape, we were worried crazy, however, despite the crazy bill that came up later, the professionalism, care and service provided were satisfactory and my son was successfully discharged from the center feeling a whole lot better, and we were sooo relieved!

So what was I planning today?  Long story short, autocross layout test run!  Me and a couple of buddies have been fooling around an idea on organizing a very first autocross event for the motor enthusiast in Sibu, I managed to come up with this simple layout:

Sibu Autocross layout draft ver.1

Me and another mate have sourced our unused tires and were ready to transport them from the tire shop straight to our venue and setup this track for testing, but it was postponed last minute due to my son’s incident which I’ve mentioned above.  Rest assured we will resume our test session very soon, so stay tuned for my updates, if you’re actually interested, LOL!

What else? Well I bought myself an angle kit which I’ve yet to have it installed, and to those of you that may not know, I’m now a father of two!  My 2nd son was born 2 months ago, say hi to the world Delvin!


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  1. Let’s test drive on 10 or 11 December~~

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