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Bye bye pussy offset!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 4, 2011 by Stanley Carter

Finally found an affordable 13″ JRD wheels with 6.5JJ to replace my current ‘mesh’ type pussy rear wheels during Hari Raya, managed to get some more 2nd hand tires and got it fitted on my Charmant on Sunday morning, here’s the result:

First test fit without tire

Now fitted with tire with a bit of a stretch, nice!

It now fills up the gap between the wheel arches way better than before

Looks GREAT, my Charming Charmant!

I must admit, I am a very happy Charmant owner and driver/drifter right now, hohoho!

Can’t wait to see my Charmant getting sideways with this set of wheels, woohooo!